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Good Thyroid Doctors?

Hello Everyone

I am writing about this experience as i have found thyroid illness to be somewhat baffling

especially the medical team surrounding it

ok i get it, there are lots of specialist and when i was given the chance to go private it was a breath of fresh air.

that is until the money starts to run out. i am a reasonably patient person, i always received my notes from the specialist late, but since i last told her that funding from the insurance company was going to stop, she hasn't even bothered to send me my latest notes.

it's like the private arm of the endocrinology side is only interested in you when there is money.

< Edited by Admin> was someone who often spelt my name wrong, i still don't think she even knows my name actually, she frequently spelt my surname wrong and forgot to take all the blood tests like t3, ok i know it might not be important but i see her at least once a month for the last year and now that funding has stopped, she has stopped.

i still have £1000 worth of treatment for the remainder of the year which is alot given there is only 2 months left to the year but i am fed up of chasing for my notes from last blood test which was in september, two months ago!

i had an appointment booked for last week for more bloods and to see the doctor but could not make it and i figure since her assistant <Edited byAdmin> cannot be bother to send me my notes, why do i bother going to get poked and prodded?

if i get bloods done with my gp, i can at least see the results online within a week.

So what i am saying is, <adited by admin> must be so good at her job she is so busy, she cant remember my name, she is only interested in patients until their insurance runs out and to be honest, i wish i stayed on the ohs rather than sign up to a doctor who i thought would have some care and compassion for people going through this illness.

so would i recommend <edited by Admin>? No

would i recommend she get a new assistant who can send follow up notes? Yes

I have hyperthyroidism and suffered hair loss from carbimazole as well as ted (still waiting for <Edited by Admin> referral on that but i won't hold my breath)

now i am taking ptu and vitamin d

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I really hope she reads this. They need to be told. Almost every post I read makes me feel so sad and then angry and I have only joined this forum a few weeks ago, although it seems like months.

Good luck h.




I am sorry that you have had this horrible experience.

You can email for a list of sympathetic endos/doctors that members have had positive experiences with.


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Welcome to the forum, Hyend1.

Many private endocrinologists are also NHS consultants and some will transfer private patients to their NHS list when they are unable to continue with private consultations. A pity yours doesn't understand that by paying privately you expect a prompt response to your first request for test results. The Data Protection Act entitles patients to their test results. No need to keep requesting your September results, make a written subject access request.


Hi Hyend I have an amazing Endo, he treats me like a human I always get my results his specialist nurse phones me in between appointments. I am hyper with Graves and although he does not agree with he respects my decision not to have RAI or a TT.

I couldnt be happier and he is NHS. I love him and having had several Endos before him who treated me like I was mad and patronised me and even got my sex wrong it is like there is a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.


Hi. Elaine's

How refreshing to hear of a kind Endo, I'm so pleased for you! I think I need to see an Endo so I wonder if you would mind sharing his name and location ?

I hope you're by now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

Best wishes,



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