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Finally found a good Endo!


So this happened today. After been given conflicting diagnosis from gp and two local endos for the last 5 years and left feeling very confused with it all I asked for a referral to <Dr M> in Glasgow. I really wasn't expecting to get it but I did!

I actually cried after seeing <Dr M>, I felt such relief. He was so nice, understanding and didn't make me feel like it was all down to stress or in my head. He knew instantly what I was feeling and promised to do his best to get things sorted. Just an amazing manner and a real gentleman. I'm so happy!! Going back for more tests in 3 weeks. Will keep you updated.

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Great news, congratulations!


good to hear. Shame I live in Bristol.

A true diamond in the rough! Congratulations!

Hi just wondered if you live in Glasgow to have got the referral? I live in Ayr and would really like to go to someone who has an actual clue, would be happy to go privately wondered if this chap only does Glasgow folk & nhs? Thanks

I don't think you are allowed to name him on here sorry?


Oh name gone could you possibly message it to me please i didn't write it down! X

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