Thyroid dumping or insulin spikes?

Today I have had episodes of very fast heart rate and feeling extra dizzy and shaky (dizzy as in balance and vertigo issues not feint) One 20 minutes and I was almost calling 999, and some smaller ones which seemed to be connected to blood sugar. I've been going up and down with blood sugar a while now but still would not pack in coffee so I guess that did not help. Have read some pretty comprehensive info on here, plus links, on relationship btweent3 and blood sugar increase. My other concern is if I am storming or pooling and dumping, or, whatever, in that area. I have been extremely stressed since September after completely severing my flexor tendons on my little finger the merry-go-round began after five days worth of high dose antibiotics to protect from any surgical infection, numerous hospital trips, loss of earnings and constantly on catchup, and now juggling work with caring for my mum post her recent and unexpected, I guess my stress levels are through the roof.

Prior to the antibiotics I was very good for ages and almost felt completely normal. Now feeling both hypo and hyper symptoms but cant imagine there is anything life of my own thyroid left..maybe there is.

I replace with ndt under the care of an endo. My dose is between 1.5 - 1.87 grains . He wanted me to reduce to 2 grains when I was too high on 3 grains (high t3 result), but suggested 2.5 if I went too low. The aforementioned dosage regime has suited me for a while with a very tiny top of t3 occasionally but not recently. I read that is a very low and unlikely to be optimal in the wider ndt community AKA STTM. I will have another iron test, and an adrenal profile but I am sat here sweating and and feeling a bit palpy and with energy, and tired - bowels have been a bit frequent and soft too, which is why I am wondering if I am dumping and if/does that affect insulin levels too. And can one have successive mini dumps till things clear ...arghh These symptoms seem to be aggravated by activity, like the jazzy t3 hit but stuttering.

Thanks in advance...and if no one replies...I don't blame you :)x

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  • I'm having a quick trawl round the net, this looks interesting I need to digest a bit more info but looking like there is a correlation between rt3 and insulin resistance.

    Dear lord...high carb low carb

  • helbell which brand of NDT are you taking and have you started a new batch recently which could possibly be different from the previous batches? I had something similar happen when I got a new batch of ERFA which I later found many others complaining about and I have seen a a few comments recently about Armour having changed again and causing some people a few problems.

  • Thanks Framboise,

    I have started a fresh batch recently. Naturethroid. I do have some thiroyd by me if I cant restock but not used so far. I have asked in the past about higher strength in freshly opened pot! Maybe, stress = rt3 + innadvertantly higher strength = cortisol et all lost the plot.

    Do you get hypoglycemic ?

  • helbell, are you using a glucosemeter?

  • I will get one, gabkad..long overdue

  • I haven't heard of any problems with Naturethroid, that's usually very consistent. I suppose opening a new pot could mean it's slightly stronger but I don't think just that should be causing the symptoms you mention.

  • It sounds to me like this could all be explained by stress and high cortisol. I find that my if my cortisol is high, which it frequently is, then no amount of fiddling with my thyroid levels will make a difference, I just have to get down and deal with the stress

    I would suggest magnesium supplements, ashwaghandha, and meditation.

  • ...and some VitC - lots :-)

  • Thanks, I think that might sum it up. Today I am nauseous and still feeling slightly over medicated even though I felt very hypo during the night. Today I am going to get down and do nothing...maybe tom too and see where this goes. I have mag, and ashwaganda powder and b's and vit c from diet?

  • True, Marz. But not the synthetic version, ascorbic acid which causes copper dysregulation. You need food source Vitamin C, together with zinc and B6.

  • Can you tell me what copper dysregulation is please and how it presents? I've been taking vit C as supplement for ages.

  • This looks interesting

    and from magenesium advocate. Scroll to five mins...her pre amble ambles

  • Thanks all :)

  • Your symptoms sound just like me helbell.

    This year I lost my job, planned my wedding and had a steroid shot from a rheumatologist who didn't know what he was doing. One month after, hair loss, weight gain, blood sugar craziness, all over pain etc.

    I am now back on iron, magnesium, b complex and holy basil tea and tablets.

    The holy basil has helped a lot with my blood sugar shakes, dizziness and high pulse.

    Hope some of this can help.

  • I have experienced crashes before and, along with Ruthi, thyroid juggling makes no difference and I have had to give in and rest it out. This time is the scariest though. Ive given in to the settee all day. This morning, even lifting my arms made my pulse race, but that has calmed down. Im looking up Lam's adrenal protocol. Really not keen on cortizone if I can help it...bad enough being stuck on thyroid replacement. I next want to know if and when it will be safe to go back up to normal thyroid dose as hypo symptoms coming in afterjust two days reduction. Ill ride with this and see what rest and pacing, plus the other support advised. Thanks Lalacat, and will check out holy basil now. Its comfort to read others go through and find a way.

  • I agree about thyroid meds not working. The steroid injection I had raised my tsh, and lowered my T4 / T3. No amount of fiddling with my meds made any difference.

    Got to learn it's going to take time, tried to make Halloween gingerbread for the trick or treat kids this year, took me 2 days, BIG MISTAKE! Still recovering from the adrenal crash I brought on!

    And to add insult to injury none of the little buggers turned up!!!

    Gave some to the next door neighbour's little boy, but we still have 2 massive cake tins full of the stuff! I wouldn't mind but sugar sets off my fast pulse rate!

  • Aw...hahaha, but not funny really. I could eat half a tin with cream but self denial reigns including my last - sniff

  • Used to love coffee ( Kenco Costa Rican ) 😭 , 3 teaspoons, no sugar, no milk. Now I've changed over to Prewett's Chicory drink. Not bad, but not very strong.

  • Hard lining! That is the one siiting on my shelf plus four other large jars from a reduction promo. My hubby will get through it eventually - all he drinks all day long but weak.

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