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thyroid blood shot eyes

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thyroid blood shot eyes. i finally got my ndt dose 2.5 grains naturethroid spread throughout day to where i am feeling much better. free t4 and t3 in the very top of range. i do feel slightly nervoud at times but i am getting random blood shot eyes which is concerning.. is blood shot eyes a symptom of hyperthyroid? why i was hypo they would get extremly dry and itchy but not blood shot

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Hi, I have hypothyroidism and get blood shot eyes frequently but I have never been told it is linked. I have an appointment with my endocrinologist in April so will ask then, as it could well be couldn’t it.

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I've just had a look at your last post and good advice from GreyGoose. I agree that you are overmedicated and I can't work out what you doctor is doing or trying to you but I suspect he doesn't either. Please post your last results and ranges and tell us when you took your last medication. Just trying to asertain whether that would be the test your doctor suggested taking after your medication or you have taken GG's advice and had another test taking it before medication and 12 hours since the last dose.

What was your doctors response when he saw the results taken after medication? From I've read so far he hasn't a clue.

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I’ve only had bloodshot eyes when I’m overmedicated

"[When] i was hypo they would get extremely dry and itchy"

I was just going to post a question about almost the same thing!

I went to the optician just before Christmas because my eyesight seemed to have deteriorated, and my eyes were getting tired and irritated if I read or went on the computer for too long. I have slight cataracts but still legally OK to drive, but was having difficulty focussing properly to read road signs. They said I needed new glasses but also that I had blepharitis ("Dry eye syndrome")

When I first had hypothyroid symptoms my eyelids would swell, and this is one of the many known symptoms, though that happened less when I started on thyroxine. But now my eyes often feel uncomfortable as well as swollen, and I need to use special drops and wipes wipes.

The pieces do seem to fit!

Just found a link from several years ago that might help

Also some other search results. Don't know how reliable the sites are:

The last one doesn't mention thyroid but gives some advice for managing the condition

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