T4 to T3 and hair problems?

From having a head of thick, strong hair all my life I am so fed up with what I am left with now. My hair has thinned but that's not my main problem. It's weird and unmanageable, as though the nutrients it needs to function aren't getting through. (Imagine the Incredible Hulk's wig!)

I am convinced I am not converting properly (I managed to get my GP to test my T3 and am waiting for the results) ....would horrendous hair be a symptom?

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  • My hair is certainly worse since my FT3 got low.

  • I am also having hair loss I am trying vit b and selenium

  • I have recently increased my Levo from 100 to 125, I'm taking Zinc, Silica, Evening Primrose oil but still no luck :-(

  • My hair has gone from lovely thick well manageable hair to thin no shine dull its falling out will not keep a style it looks more like worzelgummages hair its awful and soul destroying so embaraced going out when I manage to because I can see my friends/family looking at me,,also my friend is a hairdresser and she styled my hair before I started to be ill and she can't believed how bad it is, so I do think its due to the illness also I had lovely long well groomed nails ...I don't anymore their split are thin and snap all the time....

  • It's awful isn't it birkie? I wouldn't have swapped my hair for anyone's so having this unmanageable haystack takes a bit of getting used to. I keep it long so I can put it up but when I first wake up I look like Winnie the Witch!

  • How's your iron? Hypos often have low iron, and low iron can cause hair problems.

    So, four possibilities for a start!

    Low T3

    Low iron

    Low B vits

    Try evening primrose oïl - with borage oïl - because it could be the Levo causing it, and EPO will countre-act that.


  • I've just recently had my bloods done and my iron was fine. I take Vit B and EPO so my guess was me not converting properly. I have just had T3 tested and I'm waiting for the results so that will be interesting. I'm not looking forward to the next step though as my GP reckons she can't prescribe T3 :-(

  • Sorry to ask, but what does 'fine' mean? Doctors will say it's 'fine' if it's just at the bottom of the range, as long as it's in range. But to be really 'fine', it has to be at least mid-range. Low iron can also be a cause of conversion problems.

  • Sorry I should have elaborated!

    SERUM FERRITIN - Normal no action 143 ug/L

    Ferritin and iron stores:

    <12 ug/1 complete absence of stored iron

    <20 ug/1 indicates depletion

    >60 ug/ 1 deficiency unlikely

    >200 ug/ 1 may indicate overload in premenopausal women

    >300 ug/ 1 may indicate overload in postmenopausal women

    A couple of years ago my old GP reckoned I was borderline high so I've always assumed it was ok.

  • Yup - used to have very thick hair, now it's thin, wiry and frizzy for most of it except the greasy bit by my scalp (I've never had greasy hair before).


  • Nightmare isn't it? I can put up with everything else but not nightmare hair!

  • Since taking T3 my hair has got thicker and stronger, my hairdresser noticed within the first 8 weeks it was markedly different and its carried on getting better, I am on top of B12 and iron too so they weren't the problem in my case X

  • That's good to know. From the outset I have always felt I needed T3 but it's got to the point where I am scared to take anything except T4 in case the gains I've made with my hair all disappear again :-(

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