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Has T3 reversed your skin and hair problems?


Hi All,

A brand new year is upon us and I live in hope that I can be renewed too. My question above is directed at those taking T3 alone like myself. I have now been taking T3 only for the last two yrs roughly and whilst I definitely feel better than I did on thyroxine it has done nothing to reverse my dry skin issues, straw hair and puffiness of the tissues. I suppose in many ways I feel this is as good as it gets and perhaps the damage has been done for so long that it is irreversible now.( I was diagnosed hypo in 2001) I am not overweight, if anything I'm a bit underweight possibly due to me being a stressed out type. But I don't look well and it does get me down.

Is there any success stories out there? Is it that I'm just not taking enough T3? I am on roughly 40mcg daily and weigh just under 8 stone. Sometimes I wonder if the T3 has a lasting effect on reversing thyroid starved tissue if it leaves the body so quickly? Can anyone elaborate on that?

Regards Joan

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This is an explanation of T3 from Dr Lowe's archived site which may help.


No-one can really say whether you are on enough or not, as everyone's body's requirement differs.


i am on T3 only and it has reversed all of my symptoms but took a while. I am on 60mcg which I take 3 times daily. My hair used to be like straw but is lovely and soft now, my skin I rarely moisturise and my puffy face has definately gone (well accept the Christmas overload :-) ) None of these things happened overnight but the face puffiness did go within a couple of months of coming off Levo and onto T3 alone. I dread to think how long I have been undiagnosed as I found a test result in my file from 1995 which showed my TSH at 3.5 at that time. I was finally diagnosed in 2008.

Does that help?

Oh Poppy, thanks so much for posting that. Can I ask how you dose your T3? What time of day and if it's on an empty stomach etc?

And also how long it took (roughly) for you to notice changes in your hair texture? Was that on the 60mcg dose?

Thanks Joan

p.s Thank you also Shaws for the link to Dr Lowe's article. Very interesting ! It still upsets me to think he is no longer with us.

Poppy03 in reply to JoanofArc

Hi Joan. I dose my T3 with 20mcg on waking, 20mg at 11.30am and 20mcg as I go to bed. I have never bothered with the empty stomach thing but by default 2 of my doses are generally. I drink my morning coffee with my first T3. Not sure how long it took with my hair, it is probably my new hair that it has affected. I have recently changed shampoos (generally what is cheapest!) and that has had a great affect too. Herbal Essenses Hello Hydration.


I have been on the 60mcg for the last year I think, before it was 40mcg and to be honest I cannot remember when the changes happened as I was more concerned with the pain and total lack of life at the time.

I have been on T4 for several years and my hair was impossible, since being given T3 a few months ago it is so much better, a little of the natural wave has returned so I don't look so much like a scarecrow now. The eye puffiness is much better too. I am only allowed a very small dose, 10mg morning and evening.

P. S. Changing to an organic shampoo helped too. I have also thrown away all hand and face creams as even the most expensive didn't help. I now only use pure Coconut Oil as a hand, face and body moisturiser. Half an before washing hair comb a good blob through your hair, then wash as usual. Cold pressed organic coconut oil is obviously the best, seems expensive but it does last a long time. Adding a few drops of rose aromatherapy oil makes it smell wonderful too.

I have now been on just T3 for about 18 months now and have to take 70 mcg spread out over the day as my pituitary does not stimulate the thyroid at all. I was hypo for many years before my diagnosis and had lost so much of my hair that I wore a wig most of the time. What little hair I had got was very thin and wispy and very very fragile. Since I have gone on to a full dose of T3 I have been reborn. Apart from loosing 1.5 stones in weight and feeling more like me again, all my hair is growing back. The wigs have gone into the wardrobe and I'm having to visit the hair dresser for hair cuts now. My hair is also a lot stronger and has some natural colour although its still growing slowly compared to others. At least it feels so much better and last week I did put it up into a pony tail for the first time in 30 years!

Good luck and try easing the T3 up a little.


editfmrt in reply to heathermr

What a super story of success - it gives out such a strong message of encouragement to never give up. So sorry you had to go through such anguish to get there though. Thanks for posting

Hi I have been on t3 only for 13 months after 5 years on t4 and my hair isn't really any different. Still bald on my temples and thinning out all over. Bit I feel so much better on the t3. I take 60mcg at bedtime on an empty stomach. I let the tablets dissolve under my tongue.

Jo xx

I've never had a hair problem but my eyebrows are still stubby and not showing any signs of re-growth. I'm on 120mcg T3. I think that I need a bit more and hopefully the weight will start to shift.

Thank you everyone for your helpful replies. It really has given me renewed hope. I'm especially inspired by Heather's story. That's just wonderful that you no longer require a wig. I'm so pleased for you and everyone that is benefiting from T3 replacement.

I have already added an extra 10 mcg for the last few days and have tolerated it well. No over- stimulation, jitteryness etc... I will report back if I notice any changes good or bad. I am feeling hopeful.Many years ago I could not even tolerate 50mcg of thyroxine or 20mcg of T3. Now I am on 50mcg of T3! So in some ways that is progress. Let's see where 2013 takes me...

Regards Joan

dn560 in reply to JoanofArc

hi can you give updates on your hair now that you started t3? im having the same problem as you and wanna try it also.

My mother also had T3 but after treatment she tried herbal remedies. It brings back her natural hair.

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