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Fresh blood :)

I finally persuaded my (very, very reluctant) doctor to test my ferritin, iron, folate, b12 and some other stuff (not t3 or free t4 or anything though because of course those are totally unnecessary...yawn...)

Everything is delightfully normal, what a surprise! My b12 is 565 (180-900) folate 8.6 (3-20) ferritin 36.5 (10-200) iron 25 (11-30).

Those are ok right?

My only issue is my platelet, RBC and lymphocyte count are elevated a bit, but no different to last time (about 4-5 months ago). What does this mean? Is it just normal for me to have too much blood or maybe something not right with my liver...?

Also my mean corpuscular (MCHC) is a bit low 311 (315-345) I will look it up but I figured I might cross paths with an expert here :)

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, invaluable actually. Thanks for your time :)

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B12 should be at least 800. Ferritin needs to 70-90. Folate in upper part of range, so above 15ish.

So no, not OK really


Oh. Okay thank you :) I thought it was too good to be true, ha ha. Nevermind, will keep working on. Thanks for your help!


Superparrot, wot HarryE said and this link will explain your FBC evaluations.


Cheers clutter! I am currently an ignoramus so all links that might educate me are very welcome :)


This is a good summary page for some of your results :

Scroll down to see the table, and follow links for more info on some of the individual measurements.

B12 could be higher. The PA Society apparently recommends a level of 1000, although I couldn't find a reference for this.

Folate could be higher - it should be high in the reference range. According to this document which I found on the B12 Deficiency site :

(On page 1 - I'm not directly quoting, because I couldn't copy and paste, so please read it to be sure I haven't got it wrong.) Low folate falsely increases B12 levels. If folate is low it prevents B12 from being converted into the active forms of B12. Folate levels should be high in the reference range for B12 to be utilised.

Ferritin - needs to be mid-range.

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Gah. Why can't blood just do what it's told? :)

Thank you that is very useful! You're a lifesaver.

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Hi Superparrot.

Pleased things are looking better for you..



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