Cheapest place - Armour private prescription?


Can anyone message me where the cheapest place is to get Armour on private prescription and how much you pay?

Also if there are cheaper/reliable places to just buy Armour (without prescription) I am also interested.



Replies on where to buy Armour without prescription via Private Messages please, in line with posting guideline #22, thank you, Clutter.

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  • With private script, pharmarama was cheapest but heard they have stopped selling. Worth calling to check. 35 Quid for 100 incl courier from essex to london

  • Thanks Bluedaffodil - £35 would be reasonable enough. I'll drop them an email. Thanks again for the info.

  • Hi I have always found Springfield by post, Richmond, cheapest and most efficient. You phone first and then dispatched quickly on receipt of you script. They have never run out either.

    Springfield, 10am - 12 noon, Monday, Tues, Thurs and Fri.

    0208 255 8096


  • Yes I use Springfield too, Pharmacist did say, there has been a price hike, I'm guessing because Forest Laboratories were bought out, new owners put the price up, could be wrong! He was kind enough to supply me, the tablets at a reasonable price, as they still had some of the old stock in. I don't know what the new pricing for Armour is, hope it's not going to go the same way as T3 in this country!! You can also email your prescription to them for quickness, if you scan it and attach to email, they will fill it the same day or fax it to them. You need to send your paper script in by snail mail too.

    Email and fax number at top of their homepage.

  • Hi Yes, I have found cost every

    where has gone up, but also linked to rate of exchange.


  • Thanks very much for all this info. I've emailed Springfield to find out the cost.

  • Would be interested to know the price after the hike, Pharmacist said, the rise has impacted the higher doses the most. Is it a big difference, I paid, £63 ish for 3 months supply of 1 1/2 grains. In the past I have paid well over a hundred pounds, hope it hasn't sky rocketed!!

  • Hi

    I'll let you know if they reply with the price. I hope it's not too much as well as I can't really afford it.

  • I am in Belgium, and the price of Armour has doubled in recent months. I used to pay 65€ for a 100 ct bottle of 2 grain pills; now they charge 120€ for the same amount. The pharmacy suggested capsules made with crushed and mixed 5 grain pills, to keep costs down, but I find them not to work as well as the smaller pills.

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