Good Value for Money Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Like me, many people are concerned about fluoride in the drinking water, toothpaste etc. I had researched fluoride free toothpaste and found it to be much more expensive than the fluoride brands. Then I came across an old brand called Euthymol which is available at a much better price! I have even managed to find it in Savers which is a very purse friendly shop in lots of high streets in the UK :-)

Unique and strong flavour (Essential oils, not mint)

• Fluoride-Free

• Antiseptic ingredients to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy

• Strong heritage and Loyal users

The strong flavour is a love it loathe it type and luckily I like it!

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Yeh .. fluoride is a really bad combination with Hashi as is a thyroid suppressor..! ! ..

I usually use Kingfisher toothpaste but will try Euthymol as tons cheaper.

A few more ingredients though .. says the girl sitting here typing with a glass of cold dry white wine..! .! ..

LOL .. thank you for posting Baggiebod.


I had to give up with Euthymol, couldn't stand the taste any longer, threw about half the tube away. It was the only fluoride free toothpaste at the local chemist (and not cheap!), and when I had my Asda order there wasn't any fluoride free toothpaste on the website. I need a sensitive toothpaste so I've now gone back to the original Sensodyne as that's fluoride free, it's now called Sensodyne Classic.

OOoh thanks for the info on Sensodyne as my hubby can't tolerate the taste of Euthymol as he says it tastes like deep heat rub smells! I will get some Sensodyne Classic for him :-)

Lol.. I love Deep Heat..

Especially in winter .. Never tasted it though!


Boots the Chemist also do a flouride free toothpaste called 'Smile' but for some reason the also do the exact same name but Flouride is in it. Why do this as it's easy to pick up the flouride rather than the non-flouride. If you do buy double-check it's flouride free.

I did well on Dabur Clove tooth paste, but it does contain SLS

What is SLS please?

I was wondering that! I am guessing at something to avoid though!

Sodium Laureth Sulphate - in most personal care products, but not a good thing.

Thanks Angel x

Thank you Angel, I think Ive seen it in soap/shower gel type stuff.

love it :-)

Aloe Dent is also flouride free. A reasonable price for a large tube, from H & B and health stores. Pleasant taste too.

I use Aloe Dent, if you watch out for H/B offers of buy one get one half price it works out cheaper. The tubes tend to be a little larger than most toothpastes which also means better value.

I use toothpaste meant for small children, it has some fluoride in it, but no where near as much as the grown up version.

Xx g

Oh yes Euthymol DOES taste like deep heat! (recently discovered now I have some taste back) and also contains SLS. Better than some 'tho.

Boots Smile is quite normal tasting yet fluoride free

Also had Green people sort & Forever something gel, and a couple of others I forget...

You'd think kid's toothpaste would be fluoride free (since they don't just eat a peasize full).

J_bee - went to H&B yesterday didn't notice toothpaste - they do the boost spray range now 'tho - bought some 'natural' hair dye (lol!) & it dien't smell or sting... so that's good.

J :D

my 2 sons had dental checkups recently and they were both given prescriptions from the dentist to buy toothpaste with more floride in it.....needless to say I wasn't happy.

My dentist gave me fluoride pills for the kids (years ago)

how guilty am I! :(

Not your fault hun, I bet we are all guilty of taking doctors and dentist expertise as a given and used whatever they have advised on ourselves and our children over the years, and obviously not all these things are good. Hindsight is a wonderful thing... x

The medical world needs a good shake up x

Not reliable for what they do and don't have in H & B and I much prefer to get online or Health Stores.

i researched this ages ago, objecting to the high price of TOM's and Kingfisher's in the UK.. baking soda and water do the cleaning job. I use a drop of fennel oil or peppermint oil to refresh my mouth. I drop it onto the brush at the end.. Orange also works. these are natural alternatives, The necessity for toothpaste may be a myth! at least that is how I understand it.

Apparently topical fluoride painted on the teeth and not swallowed (difficult) can help teeth but given orally (eg in water) it's useless as well as harmful.

Oh, I do so agree about the toothpaste being a myth! I've thought that for a long time, but never dared say it!

BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for this you are a STAR x I have been put off by the high prices... Look out savers here I come.

on a side note - My daughter & have had zero fillings since we sorted out our deficient/ low vitamin D, the spray is peppermint too (although may contain a little sugar perhaps). :)

I'm interested in getting these three (especially the first two) as cheaply as possible in the UK, without expensive postal fees. Any ideas? Thanks. :)

Redmond Earthpaste - cinnamon

Nature's Answer Periobrite - cinnamon

Miessence - anise

Hi Londinium you can get the Periobrite in most good Independent Healthstorees, its £5.99.

Thanks Monica, have you tried it? Is it any good? :)

We sell it, I recommend it quite a lot, there is a mouthwash and perio gel

As well., Very good for mouth ulcers and toothache.

Thanks Monica. I've not seen it in shops. I shall continue looking around! :)

Most independent Health stores sell it, we stock it, but I cannot advertise who we are

Londinium, I may be missing something but this is reasonable:

Hi CG,

I can't use cold, sour or astringent flavoured toothpastes, as they irritate my gums/nerves. :(

Had been using Aloe Dent and showed it to my holistic dentist. He scanned the ingredients and apparently there's one (can't remember its name) that's been implicated in health issues. Was recommended BeeVital Propolis & Lemon toothpaste but unfortunately it doesn't have that zingy flavour.

Hi Cinnamon_girl Aloe dent use to contain Chitosan a fat burner, which can cause issues with heart. Aloe no longer contains chitosan, I use the original, which is fluoride free.

monica01 - I didn't know there was more than one type. Thanks.

Hi Cinnamon, yes there are 5 or 6 I think, we stock 4.


That's a relief to hear Monica as I always use Aloe Dent.

I can't use aloe dent sensitive toothpaste, as it really irritates my gums. :(

When I first found out about non fluoride toothpaste enquired at my local chemists as I'm sure many of us did to be told " never heard of it" I then got it of Amazon but I have no problems with

euthymol used it in the dark ages and as it's cheaper I will get it. Thanks and good luck.

True, Euthymol is fluoride free but you have to be note that one of its ingredients is Sodium Saccharin something to perhaps avoid!

What is Sodium Saccarin? and what does it do? I am fairly new to all this and trying to take in as much helpful info as possible! Please excuse my lack of knowledge :-)

'forever living' do an aloe and bee propholis toothpaste. It is minty. MY gums used to bleed before I started using it. It is expensive but I only use a tiny bit and is lasts months.

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