Does anyone have a link to a reliable scientific study which indicates that fluoride is harmful to the thyroid?

I was chatting with the dentist about this (she has thyroid problems too and had never heard of the thyroid/fluoride connection) and would like to be able to justify my use of fluoride-free toothpaste, so it would be especially great to have primary sources. Cheers all.

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  • Try this link:


    That should give you a list of 304+ papers with abstracts which refer to both thyroid and fluoride. You might be able to access the full papers in some cases but not others.

    Some will definitely say there is no issue. Others might say the opposite.


  • Thanks for the link.

  • Gosh, that is really an exhaustive list of papers. I'm going abroad on Saturday and won't be able to parse the results of 300+ scientific papers before then, but thanks for the link all the same. I may experiment to see if there is a way to search specifically for only the papers which address both thyroid and fluoride, which should narrow it down a bit.

  • That list is "thyroid AND fluoride"!

    If it were only "thyroid and has an abstract visible" the number would be 106,081.

    If it were only "fluoride and has an abstract visible" the number would be 31,744.

    Mind, both would include papers that have those words but don't say much about the subject - e.g. thyroid includes thyroid cartilage.


  • Yes, sorry, maybe that is why so many of them seemed not obviously applicable. I did an advanced search using the words thyroid and fluoride in the titles and came up with 45 papers. I looked at the ones with abstracts or summaries in English but no luck (no link shown between fluoride and thyroid irregularities).

  • I wasn't very clear in that comment. I meant I assumed the search showed up a lot of papers relevant to thyroid and/or fluoride but I guess both search terms show up somewhere in the paper (as opposed to the title), which is why it was hard to know which papers were relevant. (Not sure if this is any clearer than my original comment. :-) )

  • Here is two links

    If you look at children's flouride toothpaste, it says not to allow children to swallow. How can you prevent them?

  • Thanks shaws.

  • Hi l found just by chance a site about fluoride and thyroid

    It was done by Dr P.

    Jo xx

  • ...also take a look at and tap in Flouride and Thyroid and various articles will come up. Hopefully with some substantial references in support to please your Dentist ! The whole endocrine system is affected and not just the thyroid....

    Good Luck !

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