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Hi has anyone made the switch from fluoride toothpaste to non? I am interested to know if you have suffered from cavities due to this? Has your dentist noticed the difference? I am a dental nurse so this goes against everything I have believed, though I have always had a nagging doubt about how harmless it really is...I am terrified of my caries rate going through the roof and I will definitely not be able to talk about this with my colleagues and will be branded a quack more than likely! I have known patients who have been fluoride free and actually needed so many extractions at a young age!

Thanks in advance!

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I don't know if I've ever used flouride toothpaste in the past. When I was in my 30s or 40s my dentist recommended the original (non-flouride) sensodyne toothpaste for my sensitive teeth, and I've used it ever since (I'm now 70) although hard to source now as not produced for the UK market any longer. I've not had any particular problem with cavities. My dentist keeps mentioning flouride toothpaste, I keep telling her I wont be using it. As long as dental hygiene is very good, I can't see your caries rate going through the roof if you stop using flouride toothpaste.

Good to know, Thank you!

Are you in the UK? In many areas fluoride is added to the water supply (or naturally present anyway.) So it may be hard to escape even if you do give up the toothpaste. At least you will be spitting the toothpaste out...


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Ladyrandom in reply to MissGrace

Yes luckily I'm in an area with neither fluoridated or naturally occuring fluoride however I did just see I grew up in an area with fluoridated water, plus I always liked eating toothpaste as a child, so I'm probably doomed. I am looking into reverse osmosis filtering when I have a bit of spare money for all the other rubbish that ends up in our drinking water!

I have used fennel toothpaste for a very long time(Kingfisher brand)I do not have to have a filling very often.Can't remember the last time.I am 69 next week.I use dental flossing tape,interdental brushes,a water flosser & an electric toothbrush.

I really love the fresh taste!Started using it when I was a big believer in homeopathy.

I use euthymol and love it. No problem with cavities either.

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Changed to flouride free toothpaste 4 years ago.

No cavities since

Teeth have improved since treatment for Hashimoto's. Vitamin D and magnesium seems to have helped too

I haven't used fluoride toothpaste for 30 years. If I have cavities, I haven't noticed them.

The health of your teeth is largely due to your diet and to a much smaller extent your conversion factors. Was written about early 1900's by a retired American dentist. It identified our refined western diet as the culprit. Florine is a Halogen...

I thought fluoride was only useful in protecting against caries during formation of teeth, and, that once we are into adulthood it's only for helping/protecting against sensitivity. Not sure though. Like someone above, magnesium seems to have helped with bone loss under the teeth. I avoided fluoride (in water + toothpaste) for years and have very good teeth. Think it might be just luck anyway as two of us in the family have good teeth and one has poor teeth even though our diet, toothpaste etc was the same.

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