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Latest blood results after increase 8weeks ago

So confused (again!) by my latest bloods :

T4 (9 - 21)

13 when I was on 50mcg Levo

15 when I was on 75mcg Levo

15 now Im on 100mcg Levo (bloods done on Monday)

TSH (0.2 - 4.5)

4.4 when I was on 50mcg Levo

3.0 when I was on 75mcg Levo

1.6 now Im on 100mcg Levo

B12 came back as 223 but GP won't treat as even tho it's ridiculously low in the range of 180 - 2,000 and yes a lot of my confusion / tiredness / tingling sensations could be attributed to low B12 but it can't possibly by because it's not low enough - so Im taking 5000mcg sublingual B12 myself (she knows this and says she doesn't see it will make a difference but she sees no reason why not to).

So I don't understand why my T4 hasn't moved - I know she was aiming for T4 of about 17/18 and TSH of nearer 0.4 but why would one come down and not the other?

I have appointment with her first thing tomorrow morning to discuss the results so just trying to get my head round it - I know initially she was not going to increase Levo above 100mcg so not sure if I should be asking for another bump up to 125mcg or if there's something else stopping the T4 coming down that I should be pursuing with her? T3??




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Hi Mandy ask if you can get your T3 measured, she sounds like she may say no, unfortunately you do not have the full picture because you have no idea what Is happening with T3. What form of B12 are you taking?


Will do - have a feeling she will say no tho - Im taking the sublingual 5000mcg ones - I started off on the 1000mcg swallow tablets and was using the boost spray as well but someone got me on the right track with the sublingual ones (I was so confused!) - only been on those since Saturday but I feel like the confusion is creeping back in and I keep doing silly things today (put the salt in the fridge, went to put biscuits in my cereal bowl etc!) and I think I was better on the swallow ones but will try and keep up with these for a week or so to see if they settle down :)


Hi Mandy,

Bilingual are much better then the swallow ones, simply because B12 needs to be taken sublingualy with Saliva. We lack the intrinsic factor, which helps with absorption of B12, saliva contains transcolbamin which binds to B12, and helps it to absorb. B12 is sensitive to

Stomach acid. Let your body adapt to B12.

The theory with Levo and this is only text book theory, the more you take, the Less your TSH needs to work. However I am only going with textbook theory, we are not textbooks.

TSH rises as the thyroid starts to fail, and the Pituitary gland makes the thyroid gland produce more TSH.

Everyone is different and you will find what works for you.

Good luck with getting your T3 measured, if the Dr won't do it, you can get it done privately.


Maybe show your GP the Guidelines for Folate and B12 deficiency - which clearly states that clinical symptoms should be treated ... It seems many Doctors have NOT read them.

A result below 500 can cause neurological issues - some of which can be serious. Please read as much as you can from the link below.....Your GP is ill-informed.


Back from the docs! Stopping the Fluoxetine she put me on 2 weeks ago because of confusion & anxiety as they are causing me insomnia, increased need to pee (no infection) and dry mouth! Told her I was actually doing good using the B12 boost spray & daily tablet and the confusion started to lift within a couple of days and she agreed that wouldn't be the fluoxetine and agreed to stop that and see how we go.

She reckons T4 may increase in another few weeks but wants me to give it 8 weeks and get re-tested. If Im still "mid-range" she wants to increase me to 125 (considering before the summer I was only on 50 it's quite scary to think how out of what it all was!) and she also wants to re-test my B12 then as well. She says I've to keep up with the supplements and I've switched from the boost + tablet to sublingual ones and that will give them time to settle into my system and she will re-test B12 at the same time as the thyroid. She knows the results will be skewed because of the supplements but she wants to see (a) how Im feeling and (b) exactly what it's done to the levels as well. Told her I'd joined a B12 support group for information and so many people have the same levels (or there abouts as me) and they have the same symptoms and the numbness in the arm as well which has also gone so she's interested to see how it goes and we will review it in 8 weeks and discuss further treatment then if it's helping / working.

So that's positive I think! She did mention T3 in passing and she looked at the computer but from what she said my T4 and T3 haven't budged with the last increase so I left it at that and didn't get the levels as she's not fobbing me off and we are adjusting one thing at a time to see what works.





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