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cold/flu like symptoms after stress or over exertion ?

hi. does anyone else get the sniffles,headache,very mild sorethroat feeling, cough,swollen lymph or glands and generally rough feeling after they have been stressed or over exerted thereselves. i seem to get this alot, i always think oh god im coming down with a virus but after a couple of days of rest or sleep during the day it seems to go. what could this be, i have had glandular fever in the past and obviously im hypothyroid, and on t3 and armour. any ideas could it be fibromyalgia ??? as in the last couple of years i have developed asthma symptoms and do get breathless at random times like going upstairs! even though i am fairly fit ( i cycle a few times a week) never smoked. thanks guys

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It's more likely to be low T3. Any stress or over-doing it can use up your T3. Taking a couple of days rest allows the T3 to build up again. Do you have copies of your latest blood test results? How much T3 and Armour are you taking?

Breathlessness can be caused by a number of things : low thyroid, over-replacement, low B12, low iron... Have you had your nutrients tested? Vit D, vit B12, folate, iron, ferritin? They all need to be optimal for your body to be able to use the hormone you're giving it. :)


hi, these are old results from april when i was on t3 only, TSH 0.02 T4 0.9 T3 5.1 I am now also taking armour and am now due for blood test, i had all my vits and iron done and because i supplement they are all ok as per thyroid guidelines and not the nhs, at the time of the test i was on 60mcg of t3 but now i have added in quater grain of armour. i am not breathless alot just random times, and i have not had palps for months. but something is still not quite right,


Well, the TSH and FT4 are low, that's to be expected. But do you have a range for the FT3? It's difficult to understand, otherwise.

So, your B12 is about 1000?

Could just be that you need to give it more time.


the last range i had was 3.9-6.8 for t3 in 2012 as not had paperwork since then, and the last b12 result was 907.


OK, B12 good! lol

But you should always ask for a print-out of your results - with the ranges - that's the first step to taking charge of your own health. Ranges can change, and are different in every lab. However, it could be that your T3 is still not quite high enough for you.


thanks for your help. i do usually get a printout but the last couple of times ive been so stressed as i was fighting for armour and a good endo i forgot and then get them over the phone, so i will next time quite a few pages worth i think, that will cheese them off..


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