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Recurring sore throat with flu like symptoms


Have posted in the last couple of months regarding overwhelming tiredness which is being treated somewhat successfully with ferrous sulphate.

I have been off work since beginning of January and before that was absent most of December and a week or so in November all due to fatigue complicated with chest infection, severe colds/flu type illness and very sore throat.

I am due to start a phased return to work on Friday but have yet another sore throat with fever and muscle and joint aches.

When I discussed my return to work with my gp I expressed my anxiety about catching another cold (I work in a customer facing role) and he said that, while I was catching bugs, my immune system is fighting them as I haven't developed anything serious like pneumonia!

I didn't expect to get another one before I even went back :(

What can you suggest, if anything?

Why am I catching every cold going when my kids don't even seem to get a sniffle?

At this point I just want to go to bed and sleep until I'm well again. I have 2 children and am no kind of mother to them atm and I sure my husband is sick of my constant complaints. I know I am.

I woke this morning at 4am and all I want is my mum to come and take care of me. She died 3 years ago so it's unlikely.

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Hello Lucalie

Although I don't have any advice to offer on your symptoms I read your post and felt I had to respond because I understand totally how you feel. I'm sure my husband and family are tired of hearing about my daily health issues and I'm certainly tired of having them. I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you and hoping that you will start to feel better very soon. Please try not to be too hard on yourself you can't help being unwell, your children will know that you love them and are doing your best.

Do post an update from time to time to let us know how you are doing.


Thank you janey. You're so kind and have made me cry.

I know there are plenty of people a lot worse than me but I'm losing hope that I will ever be well enough to be a good enough parent and any kind of wife.

My husband has just taken the kids off to school and nursery and I heard him tell my oldest he felt sick today. And that makes me feel so guilty as he cant just give in to his own illnesses because of mine.


I read your posting with a heavy heart. It does seem as though life is a battle. Have you had a full blood test, including thyroid panel and B12, Vit D, etc (I haven't looked back at your messages so forgive me if you've alerady gone down this route). My stepdaughter was in a similar situation a few years ago and eventually it was discovered that she doesn't absorb B12 sufficiently and needs regular injections.

As Janey54 has said, don't be hard on yourself - the negative emotions will drain you of more energy. Is there anyone who can provide some support, e.g., a friend, neighbour? That may ease things.

Sending hugs,



I had full bloods done in the last couple of months.

Obv I assumed the fatigue was thyroid related but my iron levels were very low. I have been on iron tabs since December and tiredness is better though not perfect.

I did question my b12 level but gp assured me that it was ok. I wasn't entirely convinced and I am supplementing myself with vit d, b complex, vit c and a multivitamin.

I will ask again at my next app.

My diet is poor as I have no energy to shop/cook. My husband often works late so we eat late and usually not healthily. My kids eat well but I annoyingly have poor appetite when I've prepared their meals.

I am probably 8stone overweight. I have no energy to exercise. I can't even make the mile walk to school and back once a day :(

We don't really have anyone to help out. I have good friends with kids the same age as my oldest but, though we all live fairly close, all the kids go to different schools. So no help with pick ups.

I have been paying for longer sessions at nursery for my youngest so I can sleep.

My mum in law very occasionally (every few months) takes the kids overnight. She looks after my youngest and my nephew one day a week at my house. Since I've been off work this has been awkward on my part as I struggle to relax when they're in the house. I feel guilty. It's noisy. The kids are 15 months and 3 and a half (my girl). I am very grateful for this help though.

We've asked in circumstances where my husband had to travel overnight for work and I was very ill and she declined to help as she had a longstanding golf arrangement. We don't ask now. My husband feels very disappointed (and sad I think)

My parents are dead but would have dropped everything to help.


Do you have silver fillings? Try testing for heavy metals...


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