Flu like symptoms and Hashimotos

Hi all

I wondered if anybody else experienced what feels like a bad bout of the flu most mornings, glands swollen slightly and feeling generally off and unwell like the flu? But it isn't the actual flu. 

I have this persistently and I am trying to figure out what to ask my Doctor to test me for or if this is just a horrible symptom of having Hashimotos. 

Any thoughts?

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  • Hi kerrycat7 ....... I used to be the same I would wake up and feel very viral claggy throat aching muscles and joints. I have discovered only recently ( been on meds for 17 years now) that if I'm under medicated even slightly I get this..... But I usually wears off as the morning goes on. I used think maybe I was allergic to my dogs or something. But I also noticed recently if I eat wheat or dairy it gets much worse. A few weeks ago I was out longer than anticipated and was starving it was cold and I went b past a bakery selling hot pastys, I haven't had a pasty in 10 years so I had one, the following day I had a complete crash my glands were swollen and painful I was completely exhausted I honestly thought I was going down with somethings major. I went to bed at 8 and slept for 10 hours next day I woke and was fine, I may be wrong it may be just coincidental but I think it was a hashimotos flare up. I was shocked at how bad it made me feel. As a rule I haven't eaten wheat or dairy for years due to it making me feel sick with bloating and wind and then diarrhoea, I don't know how helpful this is but after reading the post and seeing how other people react to things I have started noticing more and more how various things impact my health..... 

  • Hi PixieLula

    Thanks for your reply. It is very interesting that what you experienced is very similar to what I am currently experiencing persistently. I have also cut Gluten and trying to eliminate Dairy too as I agree they make things worse and make flare ups happen more often.

    I am starting to come to a conclusion that this is just the reality of having Hashimoto's and the flu like symptoms could be a Hashimoto's flare up like you described. It feels awful though and I know it sounds dramatic but it often feels like the worst case of the flu ever and makes me feel very unwell. I hopefully will get some answers next week at my next appointment. Has the cutting dairy and gluten helped you have less flare ups at all?

  • Yes definitely made a huge difference.... Also cutting out yeast as I am sure that I had an overgrowth of yeast in my gut. I am taking a high dose probiotic in tablet form that seems to make a big difference as well, it seems that literally in the last few months all the pieces of my "health" puzzle are coming together and I haven't felt this well in years, still some pieces missing but the information available on this forum is literally gold. I never knew what hashimotos was I knew I had autoimmune thyroid disease. But had cut wheat and dairy due to stomach issues not hashi issues as I never realised they existed. There is such a lack of information surrounding thyroid disease it feels like I have been stumbling around in the dark for nearly 20 years and I've only just seen my lightbulb!!

  • I am glad you are finally getting and feeling a little better. It does seem like such a long haul, when I first got diagnosed with Hashimoto's the Doctor said here you go take Levo once a day away you go! 

    Little did I know, a year later I would feel dreadful. There is so much to Hashimoto's that Doctors fail to treat and learn about it is really sad. Can you maybe message me with the Probiotic you are on and any diet tips you can give me?

    Thanks :)

  • But also the dosage needs to be correct, I am horrified to think that I have only just asked for a copy of my blood test result 2 months ago. For the best part of 20 years I have been getting my bloods done and the dr says " oh they are fine" and I say " why do I not feel fine" and there is no answer, last year my new GP lowered my t3 by one third of my dose. Your over medicated she said ok I said. After three months I was getting terrible cramps,  fatigue, dry cracked skin, low mood viral symptoms all day long, my weight started creeping up. So next blood test your under active now we need to increase your meds! Which I bloody well knew cause I felt so bad,  next test still under, we need to increase your meds, next test she said oh your bloods are now fine. But they weren't.  THS at very top of range t3 below range ( even though I'm only on t3 so that should at least be in range) I asked for a copy of my bloods first time ever also I had a fasting blood test as recommended by the lovey people on here, so I posted my results and universally everyone said your under medicated. So I have had a year of missery to be back where I started meds wise because my GP has no idea..... And I could kick my own self in the ass as I knew what would happen but allowed her to do it anyway!!

     I take a probiotic from Holland and Barrett 10 billion acidophilus dairy and gluten free. My dr told me to take yakult, I said surely that contains dairy as its yogurt based, no I think it's dairy free came the reply!!!!!!!!!!  

  • Well done for preserving and getting it right  sorry for all the unessary pain caused.

    Peggy 🌹

  • ...only going on what I've read on your post and the replies, have a look at the new post I made this morning about Amalgum teeth fillings, see if that will give you any clues! despite all advice not to, I do still eat/drink dairy and some gluten. Nothing is any worse than before in that aspect, but I am now seriously considering if the toxic effects of my teeth fillings could lie at bottom of a lot of things for me. I have Hashimotos and 1 other autoimmune condition. 

  • You may have become allergic or intolerant to the fillers in your tablets.

  • I think you could be right there Glynis Rose! 

  • I am just discovering that I am suffering from cold/flu like symptoms and cant believe that yet again Hashi's is to blame :( at least I know how to deal with it. I am in the process of going gluten free so hopefully I will be minimizing my flare ups/episodes. Still feel like crap but hopefully not for long...

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