Continually tired

Hi I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid gland about 18 months ago. At the same time my iron levels were also at rock bottom and I ended up having a hysterectomy 6 months later. I'm currently taking 125mg levothyrozine daily but I'm still feeling incredibly tired and totally lacking in energy - the thyroxine doesn't appear to be making any difference. Has anyone got any suggestions? Thanks.

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Was your low iron treated? What is it now? Low iron will definately make you tired.

My low iron levels were treated prior to the hysterectomy but my iron levels haven't been checked since.

Well, I really think you ought to get them done. That is very remiss of your doctor. Low iron will mean that your body can't use the hormone you're giving it.

Oxygen clings to iron in the red blood cells - and is then transported around the body to the cells. Low Iron = Low Oxygen = Low energy and poor energy for all the cells too.

Hi Fizz70

My daughter was found to have low Ferritin, which is slightly different from iron, has this been checked in you?

Ask for your B12, ferritin , folate and VitD levels to be checked, if these are low your body won't be able to use the thyroid meds properly. Often we are low in other things if our thyroid isn't working. Also take a good quality multivitamin everyday. Good luck with feeling better soon. MariLiz

I phoned my doctor and he agreed to run a variety of blood tests. Thanks for your advice everyone 😊

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