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Tired gritty eyes 👀

Hi All

Can anyone recommend something for tired gritty eyes as they are driving me mad!!!

I was diagnosed with hypo in April this year after many months of endless symptoms and I'm still struggling but my eyes are driving me nuts any advice would be great!!


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Hypromellose eye drops, you can buy over the counter, but GP can do prescription so that would be free. Dry eyes are pretty common side affect.

Keep bottle by the bed and use drops as soon as wake up.


Thank you I will certainly try them


I use a eye lotion from Amazon called blephasol designed by an optitcan it cleanses the eye and I use murine dry eye drops they really helps a lot .Dr also prescribes a eye cream too recommend by my optician .I have sjgorens so my eyes and mouth are really dry .Hope this helps xxx

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Thank you


Of three prescription gels ,I find Gel Tears easier to use.


Many products available - some on prescription - just make sure you use preservative FREE -

speaking from experience - even after, wasting NHS time and money, having been referred to consultant who prescribed ointment that compounded my problem -


When my eyes are sore, dry, stinging, gritty etc I use this stuff to wash them with except I buy the 300ml bottle :

I pour the eye wash into the eye bath supplied with it, then I dip a cotton wool ball into the liquid until it is quite soggy and I've used half the eye wash. Then I wash my eyes and the edges of my eyelids, rubbing gently with the cotton wool. Then I repeat with a new cotton wool ball and the rest of the eye wash.

I've tried other brands of eye wash but the only one I like is the Boots brand.

After I've done the eye wash I use these eye drops :

I've also used Blephasol in the past, and it is very good - read the reviews :

but I have decided for now that I prefer the eye wash.


Thank you all for your responses I will Defo be trying them all till I find one that suits me

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