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Armour thyroid

Hi I'm wondering if anyone has taken armour thyroid for years and then stopped?

I've been on armour thyroid for about 3 years. I had various symptoms but my tests at the GP came back as normal (though on the low side of normal). I saw a private door who did various blood tests and 24 hours of urine analysis, he found that I did have under active thyroid and prescribed armour thyroid as well as lots of vitamins and minerals. It definitely helped improve my energy levels but it was too expensive for me to keep seeing this doctor. So I've been taking armour thyroid and shipping it in from America.

I had my hormone levels measured at the GP recently and they came back normal - though my GP says I'm on such a high dose of armour, that it does denote a thyroid condition, however the NHS can't prescribe me anything while my levels are normal. I'd have to stop taking the armour thyroid and come back a few months later.

I'm reluctant to do this for fear of my old symptoms coming back. I'm curious if anyone else has stopped armour thyroid and how it felt?

thanks Susan

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I do not think it wise to stop taking thyroid hormones if you've been taking Armour Thyroid and feeling well on it.

I understand your problem though and the inability to get it prescribed in the NHS although one or two Endos might prescribe.

Your thyroid hormone blood tests are in the 'normal range' because you've been taking Armour.

I would ask your doctor to prescribe levothyroxine so that you can keep the hormone levels you have now.You may be fortunate and find levo suits you and you wont have the expense of Armour. As you are hypo it's not a good idea to have no hormones at all.Als

Always get a print-out of your blood test results and post if you have a query. Also, always have a blood test for your thyroid hormones as early as possible and fast but you can drink water. Take your last dose the day before but take it after the blood test and not before.


I've just realised you've said that the GP wont prescribe levo as your blood tests are 'normal'. I cannot understand that as he knows you're taking Armour.

I would ask again as it's ridiculous for him not to prescribe some replacement as it could be detrimental to you to stop thyroid hormones altogether so you can fit into a 'range' in order to be prescribed.


I have been taking Armour for a couple of years, I get my prescription from a private endo. She called to say the price for Armour was going up and would I like to try another NDT, I changed to Nature Thyroid and have felt the best I have in years, with them being cheaper is an added bonus!

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That is not realistic. How are you obtaining Armour now? Did you use a prescription?


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