Armour thyroid

I was prescribed Levothyroxine but gained a lot of weight so after seeing similar blogs stopped taking it. I got armour without prescription and it has made me feel normal for the first time!

GP won't prescribe it in the UK, does anyone know where I can buy online

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Have sent you a message. 😀

Love it if you could pm me too 😀

Would be grateful for info regarding source.

Hi, could you let me know too x

Could you pm me also . Many thanks


Could you also let me know where I can buy Armour online. Thanks.

GPs will prescribe, you just have to find the right one! Levo is T4 alone and stays in the system for up to 7 weeks so missing a dose or two would not be such a huge step. Why do you think you are 'over medicated'? Are you having hyper symptoms or has the doctor told you that your TSH is suppressed? Do NOT allow your doctor to reduce your meds based on blood tests alone, insist on a full examination and more tests!

Please could you PM me with details of obtaining Armour online? Thank you

Hi, what is armour thyroid and if it natural as opposed to levo. Would you please also send me info of where to obtain it please? I hate the thought of being on synthetic thyroid the rest of my life. What is with this nanny state called England. Aren't we adult enough to decide for our own bodies!!...grrr

Win, Armour is one of several brands of natural dessicated thyroid (NDT). The T4 and T3 is derived from dried pig thyroid. The other ingredients required to formulate tablets will be the same as in most other tablets.

Thank you Clutter where can I get it from to try it please?

hi you said you got armour without script & it made you feel normal... so where did you get that ndt?? can't you get it again from that source? was it online originally -- somewhat confusing..

Hi yes after checking blogs I did find armour online without script but very expensive. I am going to try and convince my GP to prescribe it but as I have found they are not open to armour.

Although at first Levothyroxine helped it did not address my T3 issue.

Intrigued to hear GP's theory behind treatment.

Meanwhile still taking off script Armour and feeling so much better so until it becomes freely available I will purchase online

I, new to the groups, saw your comment and wondered if you're still taking Armour and how you are? Where did you buy online as I can't see anywhere without a script


ok thanx for explaining cost issue---funny how walking in the forest can make such a difference, to how much better we could feel--would you concur laurenholly

<online pharmacy>

For Armour thyroid £71.00

This is with £9.50 first class shipping.

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Hi could you please pm the details of where to buy armour

Thank you


Hi, Could you please pm me the details also? Thanks in advance.

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