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I have had Hashimotos for over 10 years. Since going gluten free and converting to Armour thyroid my mental and emotional state has improved significantly, and my life. However, I have been struggling to get my levels normal since taking Armour. This has caused a lot of tiredness and brain fog. I have seen reports that you should take this twice a day and after meals. Does anyone know if this is correct? Also, I've heard the with Armour your levels may not be as consistent as when on Levothyroxine.

Any advice would be appreciated!



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  • Louise333,

    A lot of people find splitting Armour into 2 or 3 doses may even out the T3 peaks and troughs. Armour should be taken 1 hour before food and drink or 2 hours after, 2 hours away from other medication and supplements, and 4 hours away from iron, calcium, vitamin D supplements and oestrogen.

    There is no reason why thyroid levels should be less consistent on Armour than when taking Levothyroxine. If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges since you've been taking Armour members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.

  • Hello Clutter,

    Many thanks for your response, it's much appreciated and very useful. It is also good to know that the Armour should be consistent once my levels are within the normal range. I do not have my recent results to hand, although my TSH was 24.3 about 2 months ago, which I managed to reduce this to 8.1 last month, so I feel things are moving in the right direction.

    Thanks again,


  • Louise333 As far as when to take your Armour is concerned, all thyroid meds should be taken on an empty stomach, one hour before or two hours after food, and with water only (ie not with a cup of coffee or tea, caffeine affects absorption of the thyroid hormone). It should also be taken a couple of hours away from any supplements or other medication (four hours for iron and Vit D) to avoid any problems with interaction or absorption.

    Split doses for any brand of NDT seems to be the norm.

    As for levels, TSH and FT4 are likely to be low and it is FT3 that is the important test and should be kept within range at the level where you feel best.

    Are you supplementing with selenium for your Hashi's, it is supposed to help reduce the antibody attacks. The normal dose is 200mcg daily of L-selenomethionine, generally best taken in the evening.

    Have you ever had your vitamins and minerals tested? These all need to be optimal (not just in range) for thyroid hormone to work properly. Consider getting these tested, either through your GP or privately (Blue Horizon and Medichecks are often used by members)

    Vit D



    Ferritin (low ferritin level can cause fatigue)

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your response and advice, much appreciated. I was seeing a natural doctor who put me on a herbal remedy, along with an iodine liquid, a strong probiotic and vitamin D (As I was Vit D deficient). I have not taken

    selenium yet but will look into this, thanks.

    I will ensure that I get all these all blood tests done in the future.

    Thanks again,


  • Louise333 Was your iodine level tested? It's not a good idea to supplement with iodine unless there is a known deficiency.

    Along with your Vit D (I assume it's D3), were you told to also take it's important co-factors K2-MK7 and magnesium? Vit D aids absorption of calcium from food and K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth where it's needed rather than being deposited in arteries and soft tissues where it causes problems. Magnesium helps the body metabolise Vit D.

  • Hi SeasideSusie,

    My natural doctor was able to test that I was deficient on a machine, along with the Vitamin D. My vitamin D is now as the perfect range. I wasn't told about the co-factors? I will look into this further regarding this. I have heard mixed reviews regarding iodine, although I am on a very small dose.

    Thank you again for your help and advice.


  • Louise333 I don't know how a machine measures levels of Vit D or iodine. I had a blood spot test for Vit D and a urine test for iodine.

    The replete range for Vit D is 75-200 and the recommended level is 100-150nmol/L

    Here's an article about Vit D co-factors vitamind3-cholecalciferol.c...

  • I have a blood test for Vit D. I think I will need to double check my iodine levels through a urine test. Thank you very much for the article, I will take a look at this now.

  • You're welcome :)

    Genova Diagnostics do a urine iodine test, you'll need to go through ThyroidUK as Genova don't deal direct with the public, you have to have a 'practioner' - see for how to arrange a Genova test and how to get your results

  • Sorry for the late reply. Thank you again for the information, I will look into this.

    Many thanks,


  • maybe you should look into nature throid it is supposed to be a really good T4 plus T3 and Its gotten better reviews than armour.

  • Thanks, I will look into this.

  • Can anyone help? I have already posted about Armour Thyroid. I have been taking this for a few months and am starting to feel worse as the days go by, even though I have increased my dose :( I have severe dizziness (Which has lasted weeks) - foggy head, heart racing and severe tiredness, as well as memory loss. My levels were out a bit last time but not so much that they should cause this issues. Has anyone else had this experience? Also, I heard Nature Throid and WP were good. Is it ok to change from Armour to WP or Throid straight away? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,

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