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It's finally here, after lots of much appreciated support from groups like this I ordered my Thyroid-S and it's finally arrived. I'm starting on 60mg a day and I'm so excited for my pain to ease (I'm at my whitts and with the pain in my feet) my hair to stop falling out, not feel like I'm freezing to death, going to fall asleep, and just maybe I'll be able to remember things and if I'm honest loose a pound (stone) or two. Am I being too hopeful? Can I have my body back? My GP says my TSH is perfect, come back next year x

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Gemp, what is your TSH result?


21 July 1.76 TSH

They won't test anything else x


Gemp, TSH 1.76 is euthyroid. It is assumed FT4 will be good, although it often isn't. Nevertheless it would be a good idea to order private thyroid tests from Blue Horizon or Genova to check FT4 and FT3 before self medicating as your symptoms may not be due to thyroid.

Low ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms so it could be worth asking your GP to test or order private tests before self medicating.

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I AGREE...LOW B12 AND LOW D3,low iron ferritin, low omega 3s, low magnesium....all can cause.......the same symptoms of low thyroid......deficiencies......I would order blood test on myself if I were you...although low magnesium is not well on blood test but test the others.....magnesium oil to rub on your legs or


take magnesium b4 bed


Your TSH may be 'perfect' for your doctor but it is nothing to do with the thyroid gland itself it's released from the pituitary gland but sometimes it never gets to an appropriate level to be diagnosed, i.e. in the UK TSH its 10.

This is how we should be treated and read first two questions in particular -


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