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Hi. I started Levo 6 months and After 3 weeks started having muscular pains and stiffness. Every time the dose is increased, the pain in my heals, Achilles, calf and knee has increases. (Also muscle pains in my forearms) It's so painful now, I've decided to self medicate. I've ordered Thyroid S. Has anyone had a good experience on this compared to levothyroxine?

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Hi there I had 16 years on Levo with awful pain eventually dx fibromyalgia but started Thiroyd last year and all symptoms gone. I haven't tried Thyroid S but know many people do very well on it. Good luck.

Yes me 😀

Pretty much feel well again. The odd blip here and there but sooo much better. Hair stopped falling out,less anxious, lost weight, have energy...

Good luck!

I had my thyroid removed in Oct 2015 prior I was not on any medication. I walked, swam, and did yoga.

Then I was put on Levo, within months I was suffering terrible pains. I couldn't even get up from the floor without help. I also put on 10lbs in weight, I had never been overweight.

I then joined this site and June 2016 started myself on Thyorid s. I now have no pains, have lost the 10 lbs, without trying to and generally feel so much better. I am still tired and tweaking my dose.

Do you have a thyroid?

Goods luck it may take you a while to adjust your dose.

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Hi. Thanks for the info. Sounds like you've had a tough time. I've lost a stone on Levo, but the leg pain (both legs) is too much. Every time my dose is increased, so does the pain! Hopefully the Thyroid S will help me.

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Oh, yes I do have a Thyroid.

Hi there,

I was on Levo for 6 months and the more the dose increased the worse I got to the point I couldn't get up for work, had bloating, terrible muscle cramps and general exhaustion. I tried a mix of levothyroxine and liothyronine (t4/t3) after having to see a private consultant who asked my gp to let me try.

5 months later and struggling also with brain fog (I do a thinking job full time and study part time) i decided enough was enough and started to take NDT.

Within 2 weeks of taking it I felt my old self return. I have been self medicating for 18 months on NDT I am at 2.25 grains a day. I still have mild fatigue but it is nothing like Levi. I just have to look after myself better than I did before I became under active.

What really helped me also is going gluten free, avoiding artificial sweeteners, and taking probiotics daily as I did suffer stomach and digestion issues before. The difference with gluten free for me helped with the fatigue as if I eat it now i feel tired.

Hope this helps, I also take vit B, c, d, selenium and magnesium to supplement


Thanks Vikki. I've ordered the NDT. I'm vitamin D difficient, but it runs in the family Levo has improved a lot of things, but the pain, stiffness and cramps are too much.

I had RAI 18 Months ago. After 6 months of vertigo, brain fog, weight gain and lethargy I ordered some thyroid s. Within months I was almost back to my normal self. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact I'll never be 100% my old self, but if day I'm about 95% pre rai and anything is better than how I was on levo. I still have the odd day where I feel wiped out but it's once a month rather than every day.

Just be prepared to be patient until you find your sweet spot on the ndt. It can take a while to build up safely and effectively. If you feel anything like I felt this won't be such a hard task as I started to feel the benefits withing hours of my initial dose and I was starting from such a low point. It's just frustrating that the process can take a couple of months before you find your optimum dose. It's worth the wait though!

For those of us who are symptomatic, the T3 in NDT is really helpful in getting symptoms quelled much faster than by using Thyroxine (as is your Levo) alone. Levo takes weeks to take hold and is dependent on many nutrients being in place to facilitate conversion of Thyroxine (T4) into the active thyroid hormone Triidothyronine (T3).

Hypothyroidism is caused by the lack of adequate T3 in all the cells of the body. When T3 is lacking, the body takes it from other non-vital areas. Soon, there is a major deficit of T3 and symptoms of such begin to abound.

This is why millions of hypo sufferers are diagnosed for years and decades with all kinds of muscular syndromes. None of the usual medications does a thing for any of them because they don't understand the root cause.

Fibromyalgia is no doubt the best example of such, as it radiates pain from head to toe in recognizable areas. Fibromyalgia's symptoms are caused by the lack of T3 at the cellular level. They may call it Fibromyalgia, but by any name it is still Hypothyroidism. This is why those who are lucky enough to have a doctor who thinks outside the "standard protocol" box and gives them thyroid hormone, find great relief from the debilitating symptoms of "Fibromyalgia" (root cause Hypothyroidism).

I know that NDT will work for you as long as you have your nutrients in place. T4 needs those nutrients to be able to convert into T3. Check nutrients vital to conversion and make sure you are supplementing them if necessary. If you have any issues with low stomach acid (called "too much" stomach acid most times), be sure to look into a Hydrochloride (HCL) replacement. It will help increase the hydrochloric acid in your stomach so you can absorb nutrients from your foods and supplements.

Healing Hugs!

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