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I have been taking my vitamin D3 and magnesium/calcium tablets with my breakfast and my vitamin k2 with my evening meal. The vitamin k2 instruct you to take in the evening for some reason. But now I am wondering if I should take them all in the evening as they are connected to do with the bones. Can some knowledgeable people on here advise me please?

Wendy. Thank in advance?

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Hi there - I've been looking at the Vitamin D Wellness Protocol recently (and am following it myself) which advocates the D3 and K2 being taken together in the morning and the magnesium being taken an hour before bed. I leave four hours between taking my NDT and my D3/K2 but I'm sure there will be some more knowledgeable people popping along shortly to advise on the correct intervals between meds and vitamins.


Thanks Hunny and yes I think it makes sense to take D3and k2 together but the k2 pack recommends to take it with evening meal.. don't understand why maybe I should ask manufacturer of product?


The K2-Mk7 supplements on the protocol do not specify a time of day, K2 and D3 are both fat soluble vitamins and need to be taken with foods containing healthy fats. The only reason I can think of for specifying evening meal is maybe they're just thinking that more folks eat their healthy fats in the evenings rather than the mornings?


As said, both D3 and K2 are fat soluble and I was told to take mine with the fattiest meal of the day. I know my breakfast isn't the fattiest meal so don't take them them, so whether my lunch or evening meal contains the most fat that is when I take mine.


Thanks for your reply I don't really know what is meant by fattiest it the yogurt, milk , fat from the fish or meat in a meal?

Sorry to be so dense but I really do appreciate all who take the time to help. So thank you☺


Whichever meal contains the most fat. For example, I always have cereal for breakfast, e.g. muesli, granola, porridge. The fat would come from the milk and I use semi-skimmed. If my evening meal was sausage and chips (I know, not the healthiest comparison :) ) then that would contain far more fat that my breakfast.

Another example, if I had a chicken and salad sandwich for lunch and a pork roast for evening meal, then the evening meal would contain more fat.

That's how I interpret it. Happy to be corrected by anyone.

I use "proper" fats, only butter and no low fat versions of yogurts etc, and olive oil not vegetable oil. Only low fat thing in my house is coleslaw and that's only because I prefer the taste of that to the "creamy" coleslaw.


Thank you seaside Susie, I think, based on your examples I will take mine with my lunch which is my cooked meal of the day.

I too always use butter and whole fats and milk always have done. But every one to their own.


Porridge oats contain fat, so do nuts (muesli)


Yes they do so I wonder why the k2 vits are recommended to be taken in the evening?

The mind boggles!


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