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Test results and Problems tolerating T3

Hi All

(Previous medication level 87.5 mg Levo only - but still hypo symptoms

ft4. 14.9. (12-22)

Ft3. 3.9 (3.1-6.8)

TSh 0.72. 0.27-4.2

TGOAB. 28.7. 0-115

TPA. 111.0 0-34

Ferritin, folate, B12 D3 all high in ranges

A week or so I posted that I was trying Novothyral 75 (via M G Clinic London) and had symptoms of over medication. clutter kindly pointed out that the N75 contains 15mcg T3 which is quite a high starting dose. and maybe try 1/2 tab plus some Levo to get used to it.

Having had problems previously tolerating T3 I decided to stick with Levo and to add a little T3 - until I know my required levels, then try Novo again.

5 days ago,to my am dose of 50 Levo , I added 6mcg Cynomel and I felt great - clear headed, energetic, - but crashed after lunch. So I added in another 3mcg Cyno after lunch.

Now I can't sleep - it's got worse and last night I was awake all night. Assume it's T3 but not sure what to do next .

Do my antibodies indicate Hashimotos ? Should I pack in T3 altogether? Might I be better on NDT ?

Any advice/comment s gratefully received

Thank you


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I am sorry you're having problems - what is the actual dose of thyroid hormones are you taking daily. You state your 'am dose' so assumption is you're also taking a p.m. dose plus T3?


50 mcg Levo plus 6mcg T3 on awakening.

a further 3mcg (roughly 1/8 tab Cynomel) at 2pm

Thanks Shaws


I think your combined dose could be too low for you. The fact that you say you 'slumped' in the afternoon would mean to me you are not on a sufficient dose.

I take my dose of T3 once daily and have no slumps and a calm, peaceful body, energetic body.

I felt awful on levothyroxine (I'm not saying everyone does).

T3 is needed in all of our our receptor cells without the need of conversion (T4 has to be converted) I would take 1 tablet T3 first thing. We cannot function without it.

25mcg of T3 is approx 75mcg to 100mcg levo. Most doctors who treated us before the blood tests were introduced say we are given too low a dose nowadays. Whereas they were only interested in getting rid of our clinical symptoms which is what we want.

When we aren't well we do get nervous of taking thyroid hormones sometimes as we are expecting a reaction.

Read the last question on the r/h side column of the above.


Ps forgot to mention that T3 seems to irritate my bladder and bowel especially at night


Maybe it will settle down. I took combination T3/T4 initially but the more I reduced levo and increased T3 the better I became.


thanks Shaw. I wanted to take T3 all in one dose but was too scared.

Do you think my increasing insomnia is too much T3 too quickly - or not enough. the insomnia is the worst thing niw as feeling a but hyper all night

? it's so confusing. should I ask for sleeping pills


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