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Hydrochloric Acid Supplements - Helped with Food Intollerance -Hashimotos

Hello, just thought I would post something that may be helpful to other people on here that suffer from tummy/digestive issues after eating. I have had Hashimotos for 21 years and have found that I got stomach cramps and sometimes diarrhea after eating bread or dairy. I bought some Hydrochloric Acid with Pepsin Supplements (325mg Betaine Hc) from Amazon and they have helped me greatly :-)

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I have also found these to be hugely beneficial millefleur.

I enclose a link detailing the benefits of Betaine for others who are interested.


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Agree 100%

The evidence I believe is that excess acid is not something humans suffer. It's insufficient acid that causes acid reflux, due to the sphincter muscle not closing when PH is too high.

There's big money in Gaviscon & PPIs :(

Gastric acid is under attack by the western diet. Grains & over eating. Insuficient gastric acid causes all sorts of malabsorption deficiencies. Iron, B12, zinc etc..etc..

Betaine HCL is really cheap on iHerb


Yes, I agree that they are very helpful. The symptoms of high acid and low acid are so similar that some doctors prescribe antacids when we need hydrocholoric acid.


I would so much love to try those but I am one of those nervous people who are neurotic even about vitamins :(


Quite a lot of the supplement you advised on Amazon, would you be kind enough to tell me which one you find helpful?...Thanks


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