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Has anyone got any thought.......

I have read conflicting things as to whether desiccated thyroid should be taken with or without food.

Some say swallow it about 10 mins after eating because it slows down the absorption of the T3 and also because T3 needs to bind with food in order to be absorbed?

I guess this doesn't apply if taken sublingually.

I just gulp it down with a large glass of water....... No where near food!

I am a little confused and am fed up surfing the net.

Your hopefully!


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Hi I do not know what is "correct" but as for years I have had to take many, many drugs which have to be taken at very specific times, especially lots of cardiac drugs. I have always had to take my armour before breakfast but I do take my 10mcg T3 an hour afterwards. I take another bit of armour ( good to split it ) before lunch and the 10mcg T3 at tea time. i have always ( many years ) had to have thyroid tests, including T3 at least every 6 weeks due to my other unstable conditions. i have never found any difference as to when I take my thyroid treatment. however I never take any thyroid treatment ( or beta blockers ) before a test on the morning of the test. I have found out that this is essential by experimenting. I hope this helps.



Don't forget that around 80% of the hormone in desiccated thyroid is T4. There is every reason to think that this T4 will interact with some foods, drinks, supplements and other medicines in similar ways to synthetic T4. Maybe not identical due to the thyroglobulin.

We seem never to have found any good information on how T3 is affected by food, drink, supplements and medicines. But categorically T3 can be absorbed without food whether from desiccated thyroid or synthetic. And it seems a reasonable guess that food might reduce the speed of absorption.


I take mine as I did with levo - take it on waking with glass of water and take breakfast an hour later.

I have no problems and it works just fine. I read on Dr Lowe's site but cannot find it at the moment that you should not take it with food.


Here it is but cursor down to question dated January 30, 2002



Thank you shawls. I've just read it and its pretty sound and definitive. So, I shall continue my protocol of no food!!

Wasn't Dr. Lowe an amazing man. Thank goodness we still have his literature to refer to.



whatever you do is 'fine', however try to be 'consistent' (ie take it roughly at similar times of day at similar conditions)


Thank you all for taking the time to reply



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