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Happening again help

Just under three years ago I had partial thyroid removed due to 2cm nodule. It was cancer but only 8mm, they decided to watch the other side. First year was a nightmare as we all know trying to get your medication levels correct is a challenge in itself. I have been taking 125 thyroxin and 5mcg liothyronine and life has turned back to normal . Three weeks ago I felt a new lump on my neck near lymph node went doctors last week should have realised when he sent back to my surgeon . He said he was not happy and sent me for ultra scan they were not happy and then done biopsy . He asked to see me after biopsy and he advised it is looking like cancer and would need further surgery. I can't believe this is happening again I have to go back in 10 days time and then he can confirm if it is cancer. Anyone out there had a similar experience will it be the same cancer or could it be a different type ?

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Hi loulou29

I am sorry you've had worrying news and I hope your surgeon finds it's not as he thinks it may be. Others who've had similar to you will respond but I just want to wish you well at an anxious time.


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