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Your help again please

Hi all. I wonder if any of you would be kind enough to pm where I can source Armour thyroid please. I had a follow-up Endo appointment last week (in Cornwall). As usual I was told my bloods were all in range, though these were taken back in Oct 16, when I asked for a GP referral. It took 7mths for the follow up apt. In this time I was sent for a sleep apnea study, which was negative. He was supposed to have tested for secondary hypo but without seeing the results I can't be sure. The consultant danced around anything but hypo, but I kept pressing my symptoms. He was more convinced I had sleep apnea.

At my follow up appointment last week. I was told by a junior dr, that he had no doubt what so ever that I had Hypothroidism, but his hands were tied and would not be able to treat me. He was very apologetic, and I had a very good rant at how disgusting it was etc etc. He sat there and took it, but said he could do nothing. I asked for a copy of the bloods but he said I would have to go via the disclosure office. I have contacted them and been told it will cost £25.00 and take several weeks. Do I really want to waste the money only to know that they are still in the so called ranges. I have now been discharged from the endocrinology.

I have suffered for almost 30 years now. Quite some years ago I did manage to see Dr P privately an had private scripts from him for armour. It was the best two years of my life. Long story short due to other issues, an no longer being able afford the private scripts, I was unable to keep them up. I have not been on any medication for years. I did do the private bloods last year and posted results. Clutter was kind enough to give me her opinion, I also took these results to my initial consultation with the endo consultant, who just barely glanced at them. I do supplement iron an vitC, B12, an Vit D. My GP has the same stance he will not treat me due to bloods being in range, and I have tried most of them within out local practice.

So I have to do something. I can't cope or go on like this. I know the armour worked for me before. I would also appreciate how or what to take for adrenals, as I know Dr P said it was important to sort them also, but I can't remember what he prescribed for that as it was so long ago.

Many thanks in advance for any information you could give me please.

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Hi TYc1

I had the same problem that you are describing with secondary hypothyroidism. I firstly made an appointment with a dr listed on the stop the thyroid madness website in London who I checked prescribed armour thyroid but it was going to cost quite a lot. Probably close to 500 quid initially after consultations, blood tests and prescription. I think that is the only way you can get actual armour in this county. There are some alternatives you can source on line though. I'm currently taking thyroid s from Thailand but there are many different types in the stop the thyroid madness book. I also take a dedicated adrenal supplement I got from Amazon. Also you are entitled by law to see your own blood tests. I'm not sure what the act is called but you should only pay from the paper if they want to charge - certainly not £25 and certainly should not take weeks. I would find the relevant act on google in the patients charter. Ring them up and quote it !


Hi there.... I am so saddened by your story but sadly not shocked. I think we all have our own sad story's to tell but yours makes me want to scream. I purchased some WP Thyroid from ########## last year as I'm on T3 only and my prescriptions are being stopped. I got 100 2 grain tablets for a total cost of £80. Depending on how much you needed if cut in half for 1Grain size you Would get 200 this company also did armour but it was more expensive and WP was recommended by someone on this site I've just remembered I need to PM the web to you so I will end here and do that.


I have just edited my own reply to you and PM'd you with the information ......... Sorry admin


Firstly it should not cost £25 to get your test results I get mine free! It does not have to go through 'the disclosure office' you have a right to your results and they can be given without hassle.

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Many thanks for your kind replies. I will certainly investigate the suggested sites, thank you. I will also dispute the blood test reports also. So sad we all have to go through this misery. Kind wishes to you all.


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