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Is it the vitamins/minerals?

Does anyone experience anything like this? I have Hashimoto's, and take vitamins and minerals in the mornings ( including 10,000 IU D3, ferritin, folic acid, 5,000 IU B12, B complex, magnesium malate, Doctor's Best chelated magnesium, Vit. C, ginkgo biloba). If I don't take these things early in the morning, by 8:30 a.m., I begin to feel very strange: light headed, dizzy, depression worsens, feel as if I'm in another world. I guess I am addicted to them, or very dependent.

I'm actually wondering if I could be diabetic? Many in my family have diabetes, but many in my family are hypothyroid and have Hashimoto's.

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Klagh, early symptoms of diabetes are increased urination leading to dehydration and excessive thirst. You should see your GP if you have either. Hypothyroid and Hashimoto's patients are at increased risk of developing diabetes.

10,000iu D3 is a high dose. Have you had a vitD test since you've been supplementing?


No. I'll do that. Thanks!


The increased peeing is an attempt by the body to flush out the excess sugar. If you don't eatch much in the way of carbs, the sugar is at a reasonable level and you dont pee it out as much. Interesting that, bein on holiday atm, i have not remained on low carb, and am now getting up at least 4 times a night and having to drink to stave off de hydration.... Normally i dont get up at all.

G x


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