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Hi Folks

Recent bloods from Blue Horizon , can I have an opinion please ?

TSH 0.035 0.270 - 4.200

T4. 16.86. 12. - 22

T3. 5.00. 3.7. - 6.8

This is tested on 20 mcg T3 and 100 mcg Levo .

Doctor's comment is that TSH is too low and possibility of Hyper if not looked at.

Of course he doesn't know that I have no thyroid and am taking meds , so that is a shot in the dark.

I see Endo in two weeks so would like to be prepared .

Cheers Pp

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  • PP, TSH is suppressed <0.1 but not hyperthyroid suppressed <0.03. FT4 is mid-range which is typical when taking some T3, and FT3 5.0 is good, not far off the top third of range. I doubt you'll get a dose increase, but I don't see any reason to reduce your dose.

  • Thanks Clutter


  • Ditto

  • Thank you rfu


  • Sorry that was supposed to be rfu

    Darned tablet!


  • I was thinking there's a bit of room for improvement. The T3 is just shy of halfway up the range, you'd prefer it in the upper third,

  • Thanksfor the reply Silver Avocado .

    Would that more T3 or Levo ?


  • I don't really know enough to advise you on that. I suppose it's partly trial and error to see what will raise your level, theoretically either could work.

  • Thank you .


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