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Tsh was 4.95 two weeks ago t3 was 3.1. T4 was 19 went to private endo kept me on 75 thyroxine add t3 10 mg twice a day only took half yesterday one quarter today I can't stop sweating pain in bones neck shoulders ribs etc . But the sweat keeps breaking out beads sitting even in the folds of my arms . Not sure if I should take another quarter tonight . Also jumping out of sleep at approximately 4.30 am drenched in sweat . But fatigued . One pisitive note I don't feel as foggy

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  • Hello Justbee,

    I think you need to go lower & slower as you are over medicated and your body is not used to T3.

    Yeaterday shaws advised you to leave a dose or two out. Have you done this?

    When you restart, half the dose you are taking to 5mcg in morning with your Levo...then another 5mcg in pm ( I take mine at 7am & 3pm).

    Then after one week raise to proper dose of 10mcg with Levo in am & 10mcg in pm.

    This is the protocol I followed recently. I suffered a headache & felt hot for the first two days but did not have the sweats as you have.

    Hope you feel better soon Justbee


  • Thanks for your help I did what shaws advised but just wondered should I take a quarter tonight so il leave it an restart tmw at lower dose thanks again

  • Justbee, stop the T3 until the sweats and pain stops. The T3 will be out of your system within 3 days of your last dose. Then start T3 at a quarter tablet (5mcg) for a week. If you're not having sweats or pain you can increase to 2 x 5mcg doses 6-8 hours apart. Increase by 5mcg each week but cut back to the previous dose if sweats start again.

  • Thank you so much I will do that just want to get this right thanks c

  • Justbee, 20mcg T3 is equivalent to a 60mcg T4 dose increase which is quite hefty. Nothing wrong in taking it slowly to build up tolerance. You may find that 10-15mcg is sufficient and 20mcg too much. Go with how you feel and don't feel obliged to take 20mcg because it's been prescribed.

  • Great thanks that's what I was worried about because he perscribed that I couldn't seem to tolerate going up to 100 mg tyroxine so that's what il do thanks for advice Realy appreciate 😊

  • I wonder if you don't have a build up of t4, which is reverse t3. It can make you toxic...hyper symptoms and hypo combined. i think the t4 is the problem and not the t3. Do you have recent labs with ranges?

  • No faith but my my t4 is always high my last bloods were tsh 4.95. T4 19 an t3 3.1 don't have the range I was thinking the same . The endo mentioned something about genetic he thinks my prob is . I've only had about two outbreaks of sweats today pain not as bad but Realy abnormaly tired 😥. Thanks for ur help tho

  • Well, whatever you do, don't add more t4. If it were me i would try t3 on it's own, no t4.

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