Is anyone else having problems getting Armour?

I have completely run out of Armour and I have just had a phone call from the chemist to say that they can't get any as there is a quality control problem in America. I have been waiting for a week and have only been told this today after chasing them. I have been told to go back to my GP and get a prescription for something else but I am really worried as I don't have anything to take tomorrow.

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  • Mouse, I haven't seen any other posts about this. Ring Boots, Lloyds and other pharmacies in your area to see whether they have any in stock and make a GP appt to get a prescription for other brands of NDT such as Erfa or NatureThroid if Armour isn't available.

    Please keep us updated with your progress.

  • The pharmacist has already rung all the local chemists to see if they have any. They do have some 60mg and I only need 30mg but they have been told by the manufacturers not to cut them.

  • I used to take Armour and bought the larger tablets as they were cheaper and always cut them, so it's fine to do that. I can understand the manufacturer's saying you shouldn't do so, but, if the alternative is to have none at all, then the pharmacy should get the larger size in for you.

  • Needs must and all that. Ask your GP to write a scrip for 60mcg and cut them yourself with a pillcutter, approx £2.99. Ask the pharmacy to hold Armour in stock while you get the new scrip.

    ps ask the pharmacist to cut 1 x 60mcg for you to tide you over.

  • They won't as the manufacturer has said no. I am waiting for the GP to phone me so perhaps he will be able to authorise it

  • Try pharmarama, they will courier it to you

  • Thanks Bluedaffodil but I think they only do private prescriptions whereas I get mine on the NHS.

    The GP still hasn't phoned so I don't know if he will tonight now. I still have some Levothyroxine from before I started on Armour so I don't know whether to take that tomorrow. How many days can I go without taking anything before I start to feel ill?

  • Mouse, have you contacted ? Apparently they can supply Armour - see the bit about Green Hey Pharmacy on this page on the main site

    (They take NHS prescriptions)

  • Thanks RedApple, I have phoned them this morning and they have some in stock. Hopefully I will get them in a few days. As I have completely run out I am going to take 6 Nutri Thyroid a day until they come.

    When I went to ask for the prescription back from my local pharmacist they were really off with me.

  • Mouse You probably won't feel unwell for a week or so but you may notice a dip in energy and increase in fatigue after a couple of days. Some more info on this thread

  • " I get mine on the NHS." may i ask what part of the UK you are in--to be able to get NDT script on the NHS ??? wow i am dazed & confused my gp and 2 endos have all said NO can do on NHS or even private script, help please..

  • I live in Stroud and go to a Anthroposophic NHS surgery and several of the doctors are German. It is normal to prescribe NDT in Germany so that is how I got it; is was the GP that suggested it.

  • i have private messaged you, thank you for responding to my question...

  • My sister and I get ours from Lloyds, we have never had a problem, I used to drop our prescriptions into Boots but they are rubbish.... Now we both keep a backup of 20 or so tablets in the freezer so we never run out!! Lloyds keep 1 grain and 2 grain tablets in stock at their distribution warehouse too.

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