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Natural thyroid medication

Just got home from Docs.Have found a source for natural.Have ordered it. They Will post it out from Port Melbourne.I could have gone and picked it up myself.Would have done if I had been younger,I am 79. I thought it would have been dearer Reasonable cost. $45 plus $10 postage.It would have cost me that for petrol to go pick it up.Will let you know how I go on it.

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Hello Margiejean,

I am pleased you have found a sympathetic doctor who is willing to prescribe you NDT.

However, is she experienced in the use of NDT as it can be difficult to introduce to Hashi sufferers and those suffering with nutrient deficencies?

There are many Hashimoto sufferers who medicate on NDT and do well but there are also others who have struggled.

You have a very high thyroid antibody count, very low B12, very low Ferritin and low Vit D.

All these nutrients are used in the good synthesis of thyroid hormones and deficiencies could easily have caused problems with your previous thyroid meds.

I know you suffered a swollen lip when using thyroxine in spite of switching brands but excess histamine is sometimes produced by the body to compensate for the lack of thyroid hormone. (I often sneeze after waking when my thyroid hormones are low but this goes when I'm optimally medicated on T4 & T3.)

Considering your age and how ill you must be feeling, I wouldn't recommend a switch until your deficiencies are addressed and your antibodies are low. Just reducing your immune responses will make you feel a whole lot better.

A good read is "Root Cause" by Izabella Wentz

Good luck,


Link showing histamine response in relation to low thyroid meds.


Link explaining common mistakes when introducing NDT.

Link explaining importance of Vit D

Link explaining importance of ferritin


Thanks for advise.I think she has prescribed equivalent of 75 thyroxine.I don't think she has prescribed it before.Have to go back after a week on it. When endo prescribed T3 on its own didn't think it was enough only lasted half a day and then felt tired was 10 mcg. Have been taking 5 vit d for last couple of weeks,Spatone and vit b B12 was 752 . >54 folate ferritin 30 That was last test 26th Aug. Can't find antibodies,just says .Positive auto-antibodies noted


I'm not surprised you didn't find a benefit with T3 as 10mcg is equal to 30mcg of levothyroxine.


Not going to him now.Better with new young lady doc.More up to date with things.Young enough to be my grand

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Just found the antibodies,173 now,last time in May they were 426.

Doc has said 3/4 grain in a morning on empty stomach ,equivalent to 75 thyroxine.


Hello Margjean,

When you previously took your T3 you might have faired better if you has split the dose. T3 has a short half life so it is recommended the dose be split. I take half of mine with T4 in am and half in pm.

With regard to deficiencies it looks as if all is heading in the right direction so good luck with NDT.

For further advice on (maybe) improved supplements ask a new question for others to comment as I'm not knowledgable on supplementation.


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I take my dose once daily and am well and this is an excerpt from a doctor who had wide experience on the use of T3 . I take my dose in the morning.

" As a result, a single dose of T3 will be long gone from the patient's system before he or she experiences most of the benefits of that dose—a molecular and metabolic yield that may smoothly spread out over one to three days. The "rocky road" ( August 7, 2001"


Hi There , i am also from Melbourne. I live in Glen Waverley and it often feels lonely not knowing anybody in Australia that's on this site. Will try to interact with you. Would love to know where you sourced your Natural medication as i am paying twice as much. Hope to hear from you,

Blessings x


Hello,I live in A beautiful little place.Bacchus Marsh.You probably know it.

I asked the Chemist if she knew where I could get Natural.She put me onto a compounding chemist who put me onto Doctor and holistic medicine as well.

The name of the firm is Creative Medicine Pharmacy in Port Melbourne. Phone 96461947 Fax 9640991The doc gave me a prescription and faxed it off for me then posted original .I rang them and paid by credit card, it should be here in a couple of days.Google it.

Nice to hear from you.I am probably a lot older than you.I will be 80 in March. Have been feeling really ill for a long time.Endo kept putting my dose down,feeling a lot better since I am taking more.Gave him The flick"

I have been to at least 10 doctors and finally found one who is familiar with natural.How long have you been taking natural ?

If you can't find a Doc who will prescribe I can give you my Docs name and she may know someone at your side of the City.She is at Westcare in Melton.Good luck.


Hi marg, its great to connect with somebody not to far from me. We were looking to move to where you are as it looks like a really lovely area. Is the Dr you visited into natural medicine ? if so, was she expensive per consultation. I am living in Glen Waverley, but we are looking to move down your way . Would love to communicate with you, and yes, you are amazing for your age. You can email me if you like, della.austin . Would love to have a chat .


The doc is also into holistic medicine.I was bulk billed seeing as we are aged pensioners. Will Email you.


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