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Cost of Armour Thyroid?

Does anyone know if the cost of NDT varies according to who's filling the prescription? Boots Chemist are filling mine at a cost of £100 per bottle of 100 tablets. I would like to source them cheaper if possible. My GP has been prescribing Armour for about 6 months and isn't quirying the cost but I'd still like to go to a cheaper supplier if possible.


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If your GP is happy I wouldn't bother sourcing them yourself. If you're concerned about the cost or your GP is, he can prescribe a cheaper NDT on a named-patient basis.


That sounds about right

However WP thyroid is also on the list your GP can prescribe and has less fillers so you could offer to try that to see if you find it better or as good


If you are seeing the cost, I assume you are getting a private prescription?

If so, price can and does vary. Make sure you ask several pharmacies. Have a look here:

Or, as others have suggested, get your own from abroad, and consider the less expensive Nature-Throid or WP Thyroid.


The cost varies and it's worth ringing round to get quotes if you are paying for your own private prescription. I get my Nature-throid from one of the places listed on the ThyroidUK website. I asked my local chemist to quote, but that was much higher.


Does the named-patient thing hold true for T3 as well, or is the price for this stuck at around £150 plus pharmacy mark-up wherever you go and however you acquire it on the NHS?


MercuryPharma liothyronine is dispensed on an agreed remuneration basis. (Might be different if handled by a hospital pharmacy - I don't have any idea how they get their money.)

Other T3 products (e.g. 5 microgram liothyronine from one of the USA manufacturers) would be on the named-patient basis.


Thanks for your replies, much appreciated.

I'm not seeing the cost but found out due to some mix ups with wrong dosage ordered in error. They are NHS prescribed.

My motivation in part is that I really appreciate my GP prescribing for me and don't want his surgery to pay more than necessary. Also, it may be more likely to be stopped at some point if they deem it to be too expensive.

I'll check out alternatives suggested above.

Thanks again,



Hey, what grain is that?

If it's 2grain for example then I think I'm paying 1.20 per pill of WP Thyroid (I'm paying for a private prescription).

Think they go up in steps depending on grain size. I use a pill cutter - so if you're only on one grain, eg, you could half a two grain and take half each day. But as the NHS is paying for you - I's just keep going as you are.



I'm on one and a half grains and for the first three months I bit them in half (take it as a split dose twice a day). I tried a pill cutter but it didn't work very well. Which one do you have please? I requested 2 different bottles so that I could take 2 (quarter and half grains) tablets, twice a day but it is making it twice as costly, so I'm ok to have a little hassle to make surgery a big saving.

Thanks for the info :)


Heya, it's called Fortuna Pill Series.

I got it in my local chemist and it's a little white rectangular box with a protected blade inside like a mini guillotine.

I've managed to qtr tini qtr grain pills with it so it works pretty well.

I'm taking 2grain and 3/16ths at the moment. And seems I've hit my sweet spot which is verging on awkward. If I can just get up to a full 1/4 it would be so much easier ;).

I know what you mean about ordering different bottles.

I currently have bottles of 2 grains & ordered 1/2 grains too so that I can cut them to raise my dose when I need to. Though using left over qtrs for those 16ths I mentioned.

I've split my dose in three through day. And put the teeny tiny 16ths or 8ths in a little pill tin so they're in my handbag when I'm out an about. So defo a fan of the pill cutter option.



Here it is - did a Google search. No idea how good the retailer is.



Thanks very much!


I left a reply which seems to have vanished. I paid about £60 from Pharmacy2 U with private prescription .Not had courage to start yet.


Oh that's good to know. Thanks for re posting :)



When I contacted the Boots in my hospital where I get treated I was told it would cost about £60.00 for 100 tablets. When I went to my local Superdrug I was quoted the same price but he told me to buy in bulk because shipping costs would be on top of this.

TT x.


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