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Natural thyroid hormone

Am I right in thinking that natural thyroid hormone isn't available in the U.K.

Can't seem to get well. Body aches are bad, if I do very little in the day I don't seem to suffer them. This is very frustrating to me .

I'm taking vits that have been recommended and wondered if trying natural hormone things might improve.

So would someone tell me about how to obtain and cost etc. I could at least consider what my next move might be.

I've developed a big fat tum, can't sleep because of bad flushes and I only get about 2 or 3 hrs a night. But the body aches are the worst at present.

Last levels show that I'm certainly not over medicated!

Any thoughts , thank you .

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Hello I think with dissicated throid tablets there are a number of issues to consider. Firstly you need to have a blood test that includes vitamins and minerals as regularly described here and comprehensive thyroid tests that include FT3. The NHS will very rarely test as we need so you need to add the cost of testing to your self management costs. Whether on prescription or Imported yourself the most expensive are about a pound a grain, with anything around 3 grains considered a normal dose but the range is quite wide as you dose by symptoms and bloods. If you add the cost of a private doctor and prescriptions the cost goes up. Until you start you don't know whether you will need 2 grains or 4 and some of us are constantly tinkering with our dose. See the related posts section to read up on the issue.


No prescription-quality desiccated thyroid products are available without prescription within the UK.

Some prescription-quality desiccated thyroid products are available with prescription from pharmacies (some pharmacies are better than others).

Several prescription-quality desiccated thyroid products are available without prescription from abroad.


On prescription I have been supplied with NDT by both Tesco and Lloyds pharmacies.


Could the hot flushes be age related?

I take both HRT & NDT, at opposite ends of the day with D3 in the middle, so the hormones don't clash & cancel each other out.


Oh, =Penny. What does that cost in Tesco or Lloyds ? Is that from endo or GP?

I am past menapause. The heat does respond to thyroid hormone but I'm not sure what I'm doing at present , having a bit of an experiment .

I'm finding it so confusing and still learning , thanks for replies

Not seeing endo. Should I after thyroid cancer , do they help ?


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