Next step with newly diagnosed Hashimotos

First off, this is my first post though I have been reading the forum for a while now and am very grateful for all the time taken to help answer people's questions. Now I have one of my own.

I have been suffering all manner of symptoms that may well be related to the thyroid. I saw an endo in Zurich a few weeks ago - I should point out here that I live in CH.

My results are as follows:

Testosterone0.3 - 3.4 nmol/l 1.9

TSH 0.10 - 4.00 mU/l 1.48

T4 10.0 - 28.0 pmol/l11.3

DHEA 0.8 - 11.7 µmol/l 9.5

T3 3.0 - 9.5 pmol/l 4.2

aK g TPO < 34 U/ml * 165

Ferritin 10 - 220 µg/l33.0

I have included the testosterone and DHEA in case they are relevant. My progesterone-oestrogen ratio is ludicrously low at 3.3:1. An ultrasound was performed and I was told she could see evidence of Hashimotos.

However, she also found elevated liver enzymes and seems intent on pursuing this and ignoring everything else. ( I have cut out all alcohol and all but 1 cup coffee and have started with milk thistle. I am btw starting 100% gluten free after being 80% free for much of the last decade. )

In her words '' everything is fine; all is normal''. The Hashimotos? '' it is insignificant''

Are my results fine? Is the Hashimotos insignificant? Any advice very gratefully received. I feel somewhat bemused by it all, not least the bills that amount to more than 1000 CHF.

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  • I realise the results don't read so well..I hope this is better

    Testosterone0.3 - 3.4 nmol/l 1.9

    TSH 0.10 - 4.00 mU/l 1.48

    T4 10.0 - 28.0 pmol/l 11.3

    DHEA 0.8 - 11.7 µmol/l 9.5

    T3 3.0 - 9.5 pmol/l 4.2

    aK g TPO < 34 U/ml * 165

    Ferritin 10 - 220 µg/l 33.0

  • Well, what she meant by 'normal' was that everything's 'in range'. But that's not the most important. what counts is where they fall in the range.

    Your TSH is good (really! lol) but your FT4 and FT3 are a little on the low side. Yes, you do have Hashimoto's, but it's not 'insignificant'. What it means is that you have antibodies that will attack your thyroid, and eventually destroy it - if not stopped. And they could be causing symptoms even now.

    Going gluten-free helps a lot of people lower their anti-bodies - but not everyone. Apart from that, and going dairy-free, there's not much else you can do about anitbodies. Although you could try suppressing your TSH, but for that you'd have to be treated. And there's not much chance of any doctor treating you with that TSH.

    Your testosterone looks not too bad. Your DHEA is low in the range, but I Don't think that's anything to worry about. Not at this point, anyway. Make sure you get plenty of salt and vit C to support your adrenals.

    Your ferritin is too low, should be at least mid-range. So it would be a good idea if your doctor prescribed something for that. But it might also be an idea to get your vit B12, vit d and folate tested. These could be low, and will cause problems if they are.

    So, unless you want to self-treat your thyroid, there's not much you can do at the moment. The TSH will possibly rise with time, so get regular tests - once or twice a year. And just make sure your nutrients are optimal. :)

  • Many thanks greygoose. I haven't had B12 or Vit D tested for a couple of years so I shall take your advice and get the levels tested.

    My T4 has dropped over the years from 14.0 to 13.6 to 11.3 which is interesting.

    And thanks for confirming what I thought re.ferritin. Might well explain my fatigue. Thanks again.

  • You're welcome. :)

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