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Bursitis and Supplements


Yesterday I thought my imagination was running riot but today has confirmed things so I thought I'd share and see if anyone had any thoughts on this.

Two years ago I started suffering from bursitis in my right hip. I've had x-rays to check for degeneration of the joint, which were negative and it doesn't seem to matter if I exercise or not, the damned thing gets so bad on occasion that I find it difficult to bear full weight on my right leg and have to pull myself up the stairs. It's been particularly painful this last week or so and, up until now, I (foolishly) missed that it's one of the symptoms of vitamin deficiency. I've been taking B12 tablets (1000ug Methylcobalamin) since 25 August but yesterday decided to purchase an oral spray and use that (B12 boost spray with 1200ug Methylcobalamin and chromium). Yesterday was a particularly bad day and I could only limp while doing my shopping. I got home, used the spray as directed and carried on putting my shopping away. Within 10 minutes I realised I wasn't limping any more so walked around a bit more. Yep - definitely no limp. Hmmm... must be a coincidence and maybe I'd just loosened it up with the gentle walking doing my shopping?

Today I got up with less pain than usual and used the spray again at breakfast time. I'm now able to get up from the sofa without holding onto anything and can put full weight through both legs. I'm no longer limping and the inflammation around the hip joint is decidedly less than it has been in recent days.

Although the last blood tests showed my B12 lower than it should be at 376 (142-725), I had noticed my brain fog lifted within days of starting the tablets but am rather mystified (and also delighted) at this latest turn of events. Maybe my low stomach acid means that I haven't been absorbing optimum amounts from the tablets? Or has my imagination tipped me over the edge of insanity? :|

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Perfectly possible, I personally found my hip pain (bad enough to make me limp) came and went according to if I had forgotten to take my 500IU vitamin D for a day or two in winter...

hunny59 in reply to Poshpenny

Ah thanks Poshpenny. I'm not ready for the lunatic asylum just yet then :)


There's a lot of info about B12 issues on the PAS forum on HU.

hunny59 in reply to Sleepybunny

Thanks Sleepybunny - I'll head over and have a look :)

That spray works very well for me. If I forget to use it brain fog creeps back in four days. I start yawning constantly! Taking full dosage helps yawning next day and brain fog lessens in two days.

I have tried other type of b12's but spray works fastest for me. It is amazing how fast it can work :)

Magnesium is the other thing to try - I use Magnesim citrate. Like you, couldn't believe it but a couple of 200mg mag citrate tablets a day completely got rid of my hip pain a few years ago - and I'd been struggling with it for months.

hunny59 in reply to Jazzw

Thank you Jazzw - I'll look into that too - it all helps :)

The book written by David Brownstein - Vitamin B12 for Health - actually mentions on page 203 - How to Dose B12 in Bursitis. He mentions sub-lingual B12 dosing is the most effective - but also mentions it could take 3 months. Goody - so you have been fortunate and felt relief sooner.....

hunny59 in reply to Marz

Thanks Marz - another one to add to the reading list :) I have to say that after walking around quite a lot today and not stiffening up *at all* so far has reinforced my gob-smackedness at the effectiveness of this apparently much overlooked vitamin.

Marz in reply to hunny59

Quite understand ! I had my Terminal Ileum removed 42 years ago with Ileo-Caecal TB - sadly they forgot to tell me I would need B12 injections for life ! I started weekly ones 16 months ago and am making up for lost time :-) I have noticed improvements - but have quite bad ataxia....or is an indicator the next jab is due ! The saddest thing is I spent a fortune on a private op on my spine for stenosis in 2007 - and now I am more enlightened - I am thinking it was de-myelination of the spinal cord all along ! Like you B12 works as a pain reliever. I had Bursitis and in the same year as the spinal op I had the TFL opened up and pinned back to relieve pressure on the Greater Trochanter - had it done here !

On the plus side I teach yoga - swim loads - and generally have a good life here in Crete :-) Off to the airport to collect a friend....

Reading the suffering due to bad diagnosis and treatment- both here and on the PAS forum - is heart breaking.....

hunny59 in reply to Marz

I'm with you on that Marz - reading other people's stories makes me want to weep with frustration and alternately beat the living **** of most doctors! I'm very glad to be so much stronger now than I was when I had CFS so that I can stand my ground with the doctors and, more importantly, know where I need to look for help and information. I'm so very grateful for the helpful and supportive community on here - they've helped me to get a better understanding of what's wrong and how to help myself to heal and by sharing their experience, they've stopped a lot of people from falling down the same rabbit holes

You are not mad at all instead you have discovered exactly what Dr I.S. Klemes discovered back in the 1950's, when he found that B12 injections worked for bursitis, sadly his work appears to be largely forgotten.  I had a B12 deficiency that was so bad I had had bursitis in my hip for 7 years, but then went on to develop difficulties swallowing.  I documented my recovery from both, here difficulty-swallowing.com/ in the hope that other people might read what I had found out and follow the same protocol to heal their own issues.  You may need potassium also, as the one side effect you can easily have with B12 supplementation is leg cramps.  I hope lots of people read your story here and try the same thing as you, it really does work like a miracle cure for some of us.

hunny59 in reply to hathi999

Thank you hathi - I've found articles mentioning Dr Klemes now so can do some more research :)

Here is the protocol he used...still used by Dr Glenn Rothfeld in the US...

Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. Irving S. Klemes discovered that the best treatment for bursitis pain is vitamin B12. Nothing has come close to it since then. When Dr. Klemes treated 40 individuals with acute subdeltoid bursitis with vitamin B12 shots, he found that they almost all experienced rapid pain relief–in some cases starting in just a few hours–and that complete relief was often achieved within a few days. All but three individuals were completely pain free within two to three weeks.

Dr. Klemes recommended that vitamin B12 (1cc, 1,000 micrograms) be given by injection every day for a week, then tapered to three times weekly, then to twice weekly, and then to once weekly until the pain was completely gone. Early on, I asked bursitis sufferers to follow these instructions exactly. Later, I discovered that taking 2 ccs of vitamin B12 every day until the pain went away, with no tapering, worked even better.

Hundreds of my patients have made complete recoveries within two weeks with no other treatment. In 33 years, I’ve seen vitamin B12 fail to relieve bursitis pain only once. In all other cases, even with the worst pain and swelling, vitamin B12 injections have always taken care of the problem.

I found this treatment protocol worked for me difficulty-swallowing.com/t... as I couldn't get my doctor to give me this course of treatment.  Good luck with your research and most importantly a cure that works for you!

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