Vitamin B12 supplements and B complex

Hi all, thanks to all the advice on here I have been supplementing firstly with sublingual spray under the tongue which I then moved on to Jarrow's B12 sublingual tablets for a few months now. In June I decided to triple my intake to 3000 mcg per day and hey, all the worrying shooting pains in my legs (like hot pins and electrical currents) have subsided. At one point my GP mentioned that my symptoms sounded like MS and if they continued, she would have sent me for further tests.

I decided to start supplementing with Jarrow's B Right complex too and have now been taking this for just over a week. Since then, I have way more energy and many of my joint pains have lessened though not resolved.

Though I still have many peripheral neuropathy symptoms and trapped radial nerves in both my wrists (Wartenberg syndrome - nerve conduction tests evidence and consultant diagnosis) and numbness in my feet (my deficiency was 284) I am hopeful that I will at least maintain this improvement, if not continue to improve. I just wish it would improve my arthritic shoulder and neck symptoms! In fact, the consultant thought the improvement with the B12 was excellent and recommended I continue for the foreseeable future.

Can anyone advise on how long I should continue to take the B complex for? I am concerned that some posts I have read suggest that certain B vitamins taken over a long time are not good for you. I think B3 or B6 may lead to the symptoms I am hoping to resolve?? Would the levels in the Jarrow's formula need to be reigned in soon?

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BB, it's great the B12 and B Complex have helped. You can't OD on B12 so continue 3,000mcg as long as you like. As long as you're taking B12 you should continue with B Complex. High dose folic acid (5mg) shouldn't be taken more than 4 months but the amount in a B Complex isn't likely to be anywhere near that. 100mg B6 taken over a long period may cause tremors and parathesia but the B6 in B Complex will be small. There's 200mcg folic acid and 5mg B6 in my B Complex.

When you look at the B12D website at the list of neurological signs and symptoms - I think it best to assume you will be B12D for ever. Prevention is BETTER than a cure ! As Clutter says the B Complex contains small amounts. I sometimes stop my vitamins and minerals if I go away for a short time :-)

Just hope your remaining issues soon go away. Had you considered injections ?

Just a thought bestbuddy - if you buy the Jarrow 5000 mcg B12 tablets, and cut them in half, it will work out a lot cheaper than buying the 1000 mcg tablets..

Please don't take folic acid. According to Dr Ben Lynch who is quite the expert in this field, it bungs up the cell receptors for folate and folate itself can't get into the cells, where we need it.

I take either Source Naturals folinic acid (which is difficult to get at the moment) or Jarrow Methylfolate.

B12 and folate are vital for methylation which governs the switching on and off of genes at the right time, whereas if the genes are switching on and off at the wrong time this can lead to serious conditions down the line.

Dr Lynch is an expert in MTHFR mutations and speaks eloquently on YouTube about it, look for SHEI, which is his institute for educating people about this health problem.

I got my DNA tested by 23andme after listening to him and I have the two SNPs, C677T and A1298C which cause this methylation problem. It's a good thing I started taking the methylcobalamin B12 (cyanocobalamin is a cheap, synthetic product which isn't easily absorbed by the body) and folinic acid for the past year.

Thanks all for the reassurance, I am happy that the folate in my B complex is the best source possible.

I am really delighted that this has made such a difference to me. I gave my GP a list printed off the B12 deficiency site where you can tick the boxes which state the symptoms you are suffering from, and boy was I deficient. She asked me to start the sublingual to begin with which I did. Since then, I have 3 operations in a short space of time and believe that the nitrous oxide in the anaesthesia can seriously deplete your B12 levels even further. She would have given me injections but seemed reluctant to do so. Since then I have been struggling immensely with my shoulder so it went off her radar as she has been concerned about the horrific acid reflux and sent me for an endoscopy last month. However, I see my rheumatologist on Wednesday so I am hoping he will be impressed too and advise me to continue the b12.

Keep up all the wonderful, caring advice!


Ive just read all the symptoms, and everything I suffer from is on the list. Living anything even close to a normal life has become impossible. But I have subclinical thyroid and also fibromalgia. Unfortunately everything tended to be ascribed to fibromyalgia, so nothing was investigated or tested for. Because I suffer from gluten intolerance or possible coeliac and have had IBD for 30 years or more the gastroenterologist ordered full vitamin and mineral absorption bloods, that was 18 months ago and the tests have only just been done since I changed surgeries. I also have to see a dietican. At my request my new GP ordered resting cortisol tests, with the malabsorption tests and referred me to an endocrinologist. I'm waiting for the results. My endo appointment is in October, and in the meantime I have put myself onto B12, also back on the magnesium + B6 and zinc supplement my original GP years ago gave me, in addition to Fultium D3 supplement ordered by the rheumatologist. Too early to say if its making a lot of difference, but something has to change. if I hadnt been proactive it would still be dragging along as it has done for years.

Why not just try the 5000 mcg daily anyway?

I would, but though I find the B12 of benefit, I find if I go beyond the 3000 per day, I get bad insomnia so I cut back to 2000, then when I am ready go back up to 3000.

Ah, yes. I think you'll find as your body adjusts you will be able to titrate up over time. Good you recognise what your body is telling you. I'm rubbish at that. 😊

Please can you tell me what web sight you get the question are for vb12 thanks Anne

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