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Just been to my GP with the usual story I read on here - cold all the time, tired, can't lose any weight despite mega efforts. My last blood tests were 1.01 TSH and 17.4 T4. Doc said these were very good and therefore there was nothing he could do to change my medication (100mg levo). When I talked about NDT options eg Nature-Throid - he said none of them are licensed in UK. So there you go. Really disappointed. Have bought Thiroyd from Thailand but scared to take as you can't be sure what is in it. Any suggestions anyone please? Also does anyone know of a good naturopath near me - I live near Dorking, Leatherhead, Guildford? Thanks so much.

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Stop being scared to take Thiroid or Thyroid-s and start getting well despite your utterly stupid GP

My husband and daughter and 3 granddaughters are all on NDT /thiroid/thyroid-s and without it they would just as well be dead

The state of them all on levothyroxine was less than half a life it was mere existence in constant pain

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Ok. What scares me is that it is from Thailand and there are no ingredients listed. But am going to start taking because lots of people like you on this forum say how much better they feel. Thanks


Did someone on here recommend the site you bought it from? If so, Don't worry. We pass on addresses from person to person from way back because we know it's ok. If anyone had an adverse effect from the stuff they bought, then word would soon get round and no-one would buy there anymore. That's one of the advantages of being in a group like this one, it's all been done before! :)


I've used Thiroyd directly from Peter G's site - the one with the "postcards". Worked mostly for me, but I find I'm better on T3 only. However I keep a stock just in case. There is an ingredients list somewhere, but I really can't remember the URL.


It's the same old story. The TSH informs the doctor just by looking at the result how the patient is feeling. Pays no attention to the complaints of the patient and send them on their merry way.

People who use the hormone you've purchased will respond.

I've taken NDT too and it is quite simple and no need to be nervous. It is natural being made from animal's thyroid gland whereas levo is synthetic. You might even have felt better if GP increased levo but you'll never get to find out.

1 grain of NDT is equal to around 75 to 100 levo. Take your morning temp before you begin your new regime and before you get out of bed (called the Basal Temp test) and also your pulse. This is so you have a point when you begin NDT. Usually we have a low temp and pulse due to being hypo (slow) and when you take thyroid hormones these begin to rise. If your temp goes to high or pulse too fast just reduce down 1/4 next day.

Your GP is right when he says they aren't licenced but he could prescribe on a named-patient basis and details are in website. He obviously doesn't want to do that as the BTA guidelines also make False Statements about NDT.


Thanks for your reply. What scares me is that it is from Thailand and there are no ingredients listed. But am going to start taking because lots of peopleon this forum say how much better they feel. Going to take 1/4 grain to start with and half my normal levo 50mg. And then after 2 weeks increase to 1/2 grain and 1/4 levo and 2 weeks after this will just take 1 grain and see how I feel and increase if necessary. Thanks for the advice re temp - will monitor.


I believe you can find some information on ingredients on the Stop The Thyroid Madness website. From what I can gather Thiroid has less fillers etc than Thyroid S.


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