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I am so disappointed

Hello All,

I have finally had my private medical consultation (£180) and just feel worse than I did before and a lot poorer. I saw a doctor and was more interested in telling me what I didn't have AND that was before I told him my symptoms. He said he only looked at hard evidence and as my blood and all the thyroid tests were in the normal range then there is nothing he can do. He has however now decided to send me for a adrenal test?

I just feel so down that I have paid all that money to be made to feel worse

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Hi, sorry he made you feel this way. Have you put your blood results up on here as there are lots of people that can help? You may be in range but still feel awful. Everyone is different. It might just be that your thyroid is declining slowly which can happen as it happened to myself.



I hope that the endo you saw wasn't on the list available via TUK - if he or she was, please contact Louise Warville here

The endo is a knob and one of many. He more than likely specialises in diabetes which perhaps may be treated on the basis of 'hard evidence'. At the very least, the blood tests are yours, you paid for them, get a copy. The blood should have been drawn early in the morning and if drawn at any other time may not be indicative of you true levels anyway.Post your results here before you spend any more money and wise members ( probably not me...) will comment on your levels and what might help. NEVER accept an endoknob or a GP who simply tells you that your results are 'normal'. for we hypos, there is no such thing.

Best to you Milly, you can feel better xx


I love your posts, Rapunzel. :)

Couldn't have put that better if I'd tried.


I agree. I'm having a right chuckle at Rapunzel's replies today, and as you say, couldn't put it better myself.

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And I love your posts too Jazzw and SeasideSusie it's quite a feather in my hairpiece for you to say I'm on the right track. tysm :)


LOL! :D See, you made me laugh again!


Ok, enough frivolity. You're now in a crappy place, Milly. {hugs}

I took a look at the results you posted a month ago - here they are:

Se Thyroid peroxide <10 (range 0.00-35)

Free T3 level 4.5 (range 3.00-7.10)

Free T4 level 11.5 (range 10.40 - 24.50)

Serum TSH level 0.76 (range 0.30-6.00)

Plasma parathyroid 2.6 (range 1.5-7.6)

My iron/hemoglobin is 11.5%

And you're not on levo at the moment. So where would I go next? Well, I think I'd probably get ferritin, Vit B12 and Vit D tested. You could try your doctor - sometimes they can be amenable - or go somewhere like Blue Horizon and get a finger prick test to do at home. I'd lay money on you being low in one or all of those.

Would be well worth getting your latest set of results too, as Rapunzel says.

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Hi Millymoo, I have had a similar experience last week, when I did a 15 minute phone consultation for £90 and ended up buying a load of expensive supplements I don't want. I wonder if it's the same endo. I have written to Louise Warville anyway. I was given a diagnosis of CFS and fibromyalgia, would you know? And then an attempt was made to flog some ridiculously expensive treatment for the CFS, with no guarantee of success. How dare they exploit vulnerable sick people in this way. As someone else on this blog has said, 'you have to kiss a lot of frogs etc.....'


thanks guys, that really helps. And rapunzel I love it haha!

I am going to speak to my GP tomorrow, she does actually listen, I am on the NHS list for an endo appt too but its not until September hence me going private. I was wondering if I could put some sort of complaint in? Anyone had an success

I'll post again once I get my next set of results too

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