I've been feeling quite p....d off the last few days about a recent post didn't feel up to it to answer but hey ho I do now . When a member thinks they have the right to dictate what an how they ask for help just because they are at the top of the class an wearing a gold star some in other words new members or some that don't have the time money or resources to study this horrible deceasr dosent mean there thick or lazy ... Just mabe they don't have as much time for instance I put up a post an a member replied ... Stop posting so many treads ... Which Realy angered me but anyhow I am one who disent have as much time to study as I have a progressively I'll hubby but I try to do as much research as poss . Getting to the point when posts seem silly or annoying to some members I would like to suggest mabe it's time to switch of get a new hobbie or simply hang up your hat . That's my rant for today I would also like to thank all who have replied to my posts irealy appreciate the help ive had an to all you out there keep posting no matter what . Finally the straw that broke the camels back ... I've started to smoke again hoping that's one of the links why I keep feeling so s..t anatibine!!! Have a good day 😁😁😁

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Hello Donnanomore,

We ALL get tetchy at times because we are ALL so ill.

If you felt the post you refer to was directed at you, then I can only reassure you that the rest of us don't share your way of thinking.

YOU are an important part of our community as we ALL are and members usually cherish the support and empathy they receive here.

I have had many really bad ups and downs and recognise how easy it is to feel victimised when struggling in life. But this is even more reason that we need you here as we all need each other Donnanomore.

I am sorry to hear about your husband .... Life can deal some wicked hands.

EVERYONE is welcome here and we would miss you if you left.


No flower I'm not leaving this site has been a god send to me. I just felt over the last few days that the post was quite intimidating to members who don't Realy understand the complexity of this decease I just wanted to put my point out that sometimes the little posts can be the most helpful. Thanks flower 😁

Absolutely Donnanomore,

We don't all think the same ....illness affects us all differently.....people consider impoliteness at varying levels ......

That's a lot to mix up and all be happy. There will be upsets along the way but because we are a strong community we can work through.

Take care


Hi Donnanomore

It can be very overwhelming when trying to find the best way to improve our health to have information overload. It's good to get things off your chest. No-one has the right to reprimand another member.

That's what the forum is for, to ask and if members have had a similar experience they will respond. Sometimes that means there are more threads than usual on the post but one answer might be very helpful to another member who is having a similar problem.

Only threads that are abusive are removed.

I am sorry your husband is so ill and you must be exhausted by your illness and being a carer too and hope that in a short time you will feel much better and your husband also improves.


Thanks shaw I'm not complaining I think this is a marvellous way of trying to improve an hopefully get better . If you don't ask you won't know ... I have been recommending this site to all my family an friends. Wonderful 😁.


Hi Donnanomore - Shaws reply said it all. If we can, we'll

offer our best advice or support. It's a good Forum

Community, so keep posting........ my best to you.

Yea the people have give me so much knowledge an support its been a god send finding it ... The admin guys deserve a medal 😁. Thanks for reply

You can see from all the replies that we're not a

bad bunch..... hope you find the help you need.

Keep chin up x

I knew nothing about this disease hun and never thought about researching it until I got really ill. I never knew the extent of the havoc it can cause to it all its never ending. You are entitled to have your say and Im guessing everyone gets pissed off with battling on...I have not been here long and found it a god send and everyone has been so nice. I'm clueless and just thankful you all have the knowledge I lack as docs seem clueless. I post alot as I'm new to all the new symptoms and worry about everything. I hope you feel better soon and your hubby much love xxx ur important too tc xx



Ah you seem like a lovely person like so many on this forum like urself I post quite often because so many symtoms not sure what's connected to what lol . I'm sure you will get the utmost help here like I have . 😁

Awww ty me either seems to effect every organ it's crazy. Keep having to write things down . No idea how to read my blood tests. Just feel bitter I got quite a few kids I can't run around after and hubby has had to take over most chores and his cooking not the best bless him. I get angry at myself as I just will this stupid body to move. Med's been changed and finally seeing a difference it a bloody hard road for us all. I know people treat this illness completely naturally but I wouldn't have a clue how too. Btw ur lovely too just remember that inbox open if u ever need to vent xxx

Think I know who's post u are referring to and agree with everything you have said hun hope u feeling better x

Lol yea not to bad this morning for some unusual reason mabe the fags lol . I can go about 4 hours same yesterday then crash . But it's the flu feeling disent seem as bad . Well razzzar I Realy don't give a s... Anymore there's always one ha ha πŸ’ƒ hope ur feeling bit better today 😁

I don't have a thyroid problem [ my lady does ] ,but I have other health issues , and if anyone were to post as a reply [ and I saw exactly the 1 that you refer to ]that was sent to yourself . I would ,and have in the past , totally disregarded the post as many others have given proper info and even better TRUE EMPATHY with how I was feeling at that time that in my opinion is what makes this forum great . disregard the negative and concentrate on the positive ---- because the negatives are like an endo that's about as useful as a chocolate teapot in a forest fire [ how are you gonna get a hot cuppa out of that ???] ......hope this helps .....alan xx

I always thought it was a chocolate fire guard!

Emmm could do with one of those now lol πŸ‘

Donna, the member had no business telling you to post less. There's no limitation on the number of posts a member may make or the number of questions they may ask. If a member isn't interested in a post there is no obligation to read it or respond, they can move on to another.

If you feel upset or offended by something a member posts please click on the v down arrow underneath the offending post and click on the Report Abuse button and admin will handle it.

absolutely correct 'clutter' ...... everyone should and does have the divine right to post within the remit of the site [ which covers not being abusive/racist/ or phobic ] to any other user ..... but we all have the remit to not read /listen / or tolerate that type of idiots way is to just totally ignore the ignorant ---- they aint worth it !!!!!.....alan xx

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