Don’t be alarmed if I say I feel suicidal…

This is a test post to see if an automated action is triggered to ‘hide’ this post because it includes the suicide word.

We (the admin team) have reason to believe that HealthUnlocked are ‘censoring’ the use of the word/s suicide, suicidal etc.

If I post here on this support group saying I feel suicidal, I would be hoping that members here would be able to understand what I’m dealing with. My posting about feeling suicidal would be a cry for help. That’s what a ‘support’ group is about… isn’t it?

Thyroid hormone issues can have a major impact on an individual’s mental wellbeing. Those of us that have experienced this know only too well that suicidal feelings are frequently triggered by thyroid hormone imbalance. Get the hormone levels sorted, and in time, the suicidal feelings can magically disappear, along with the brain fog, loss of mental focus, apathy, inability to concentrate, loss of self worth etc etc.

So, if as we suspect, HealthUnlocked are ‘censoring’ posts where the poster is talking about suicidal feelings, then HU are actually compounding the problem. An individual whose post has been ‘censored’ for this reason, will potentially be feeling even more desperate because they’re being made to feel as if they have done something wrong by actually mentioning the word suicide, and telling us how they feel. Of course they haven’t done something wrong. We are not here to ‘judge’. We are here to ‘support’.

What makes me especially angry about any potential censorship of posts where a member talks about feeling suicidal, is that this is also ‘hiding’ things from the very people that need to be made aware of the impact of thyroid dysfunction on brain function.

So many of us have had to deal with family, friends, colleagues and medical professionals who don’t believe we are ill, tell us to 'pull ourselves together', dismiss our symptoms as trivial, non-specific etc., and hand the anti-depressant pills to us, instead of handing us the appropriate thyroid hormone medications.

So, HealthUnlocked, if you are censoring posts on Thyroid UK Support that mention suicide, please don’t. What is the point of enabling a support group and then taking away our ability to support each other?

(If we the admin team are wrong, and HealthUnlocked are not the cause of what, on the face of it seems to be censorship, then apologies to them for my post, but please will they fix the problem that the admin team have been trying to contact them about, and communicate with us on this issue.)

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15 Replies

  • I hope this is not the case as HU have unpaid administrators on this platform who work exceedingly hard on members behalf. A cry or help is always dealt with very professionally both out on the forums and behind the scenes. I suggest you discuss it via Twitter if you do not get a response! MaryF

  • I tweeted them about this hidden post earlier but no response yet. I tried Google+ too but they don't allow people to post on their page :(

  • And I have emailed support. Twice.

  • Try their Facebook page, also week-end is not best for communication, do let me know how you get on, and lets have a discussion on the admin group. MaryF

  • Will do :)

  • Thanks, Red Apple. 100% agree with you.

  • this , in my mind is an extremely important point and 1 that I personally feel needs to be addressed fully with whoever may be responsible [ if anyone or system ] because this WILL affect others that use our site as well as others on h.u.sites when they are at their lowest ebbs ..... and as already pointed out by others that is when these others NEED the help and empathy that we all try to give when we can [ but if the post is censored before we cannot see it and try to help ] that , in my view is 1 of the mainstays of this site .....alan xx

  • Well said Red xx

  • The thing that concerns me most about this is that we may never know about these people who are suicidal and therefore those people crying out for help wouldn't get the support they desperately need.

    I sincerely hope that this is a technical hitch and not a response to the content, either automatic or otherwise.

    I haven't heard a peep from HU about this yet though :(

    Well this post is still here :)

    Carolyn x

  • The post in question was up for quite a few hours before anything happened to it as it was posted last night and only went wonky after we checked it this morning. If it is an automated script, it may be set to run at certain intervals... say every twelve or even twenty four hours.

  • It will be interesting to see what happens :)

  • Saw yours Red Apple. Be interesting to see if it stays up or disappears eventually like last night's one did.

    I saw the whole post last night so it was visible in full then. Hopefully nothing like that would ever be taken down - as others say a cry for help needs to be seen and answered.


  • Just to let you know, it's still here at 09:35 Monday morning.

  • Thanks Ellie, hopefully the problem is now sorted :)

  • I've just seen it 1.30pm on Tuesday...

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