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Advice of results and symptoms please

Hi I have an endo appointment on Monday 7th September but just got my latest blood tests now and I am confused as was feeling pretty confident before. I presented to a GP earlier this year with enlarged thyroid and hypo symptoms. The fatigue and weakness being problematic as I am 52 years old and at Uni and working. Always been active and continue to walk my dog even if it is nearly a crawl.

TPO antibodies - above range-658 iu/ml (<9.0)

The NHS lab 'lost' the full spectrum of tests that were asked for. A scan did revealed nodules but nothing sinister and I was fobbed off with a 'bit of thyroiditis that will probably go away'. However the 'lump endo' did comment that my T4 was boarder line low with a normal TSH and asked me to see 'the other endo department' and investigate.

Since then I have these tests.

March 2015 TSH 3.8 mu/L (0.34 - 5.6)

Serum free T4 8.8 pmol/L (7.8 - 17.0)

July 2015 TSH 3.18 mu/L (0.27 - 4.2)

Serum free T4 11.2 below range (12.0 - 22.0)

September 2015 TSH 2.5 mU/L (0.27 - 4.20)

Free T4 13.6 pmol/L (11.0 - 20.0)

B12 345 pg/ml (191 - 663)

Renal function ok

Bone profile ok

EGFR all ok

It is hard to compare as different ranges. My T4 seems low/boarder line but TSH is not rising perhaps?

I understand adrenal fatigue and know I am all shot to pieces over the years with trauma caused by stress. Two head injuries and whip lash. Glandular fever and childhood illnesses as an adult eg chickenpox, measles and whooping cough. Diagnosed with ME back in 1990.

I suspect my HPT axis is struggling. I am addressing the problem holistically and introducing foods rich in the things I need eg Selenium, vit D etc.

Can anyone offer their thoughts on how I deal with an endo who will no doubt fob me off as TSH is in range?

Thank you

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Clearly your free t4 is low

but without knowing free T3



vit d3

we have no clues as to whats amiss

you clearly have serious Hashiomotos Antibodies which are attacking your thyroid and account for the up and down results

Much will depend on the Endo

If he is clued up he will recognise you need help if not you will have to self treat


Yes sorry my B12 and folate results are

B12 345 pg/ml (191 - 663)

Folate 9.5 ng/ml (>4.8)

I thought these all looked ok. They did not do my D3.

Thank you for your input. I will mention the Hashiomoto. I feel as if I am swinging up and down. My body temp is going from one extreme to the other just now. I know if I have stress fatigue the thyroid is going to suffer and antibodies are going to feed upon it.

Thank you kindly


Try going gluten free which should damp down the antibody attacks

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Hello SandyMack63,

Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.

Your high antibody count does indicate Hashimotos Autoimmune Disease.

You would benefit from thyroid hormone replacement as this would reduce the aggressiveness of the attack and make your symptoms more bearable.

However, you will need a good understanding and educated endo to prescribe with a TSH still within range.

With regard to the T4, as RFU says we need the T3 result to give a better interpretation.

I would insist on further investigations in the form of a T3 blood test and ask for a trial of Levothyroxine.

Others will advise on possible supplementation of B12.



Thank you for your kind reply and I will feel more confident now when I meet with the endo.


I'd suggest Vit B12 of no less than 500, which is what a former anaesthetist told me.

Here's some info on Vit D.



Just an update the endo has ordered another bank of tests including Ferritin, D3 and T3 and some pituitary hormones. He says my antibodies are high but the thyroid is making T4 but I am swinging from hyper to hypo and my symptoms evidence that. He says if he puts me on T4 I will continue to feel ill and sometimes be too hyper and cause other related problems which he warns against. I am really too unsure to self medicate at the moment due to the instability. I will keep with the holistic methods for now and act upon on the advice given here.

Any other thoughts would be gratefully received as I am struggling everyday with the swings.


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