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Help with blood results

Hi all

Just had blood results back

Free t4 23 (10-22)

Serum TSH 1.3 (0.30-5.50)

Serum ferritin 12 (15-400)

Had a TT also 3 years ago and still feel terrible. I'm was on levothyroxine of 150 but now been changed to 125/150 on alternate days. Given ferrous sulphate 200mg 3 times a day.

Feel awful exhausted, hair falling out, weight gain, achey body and joints. It feels like the last 3 years have past in a blur and I'm just getting worse. Struggling to keep up at work and just feel like hiding away and sleeping.

Any help greatly appreciated

Thanks xx

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Hello keb5332,

So sorry to hear you are still feeling unwell.

Did you ever get the T3 blood test done? If so post results complete with ranges.

Also any vits and iron test results.

I don't think you are utilising your thyroid meds correctly so either have gut issues and therefore nutrient deficiencies or could use an addition of T3 to your existing thyroxine.

I did this recently and feel so much better. However will need optimal levels of nutrients to make ANY thyroid meds work for you.



Because your ferritin is so dangerously low your body simply cannot utilise any amount of levothyroxine and convert it into the t3vthat every body cell needs to function

You must get a free t3 result

And your ferritin MUST BE HALFWAY in its range so 150

This will take months

Meanwhile the levothyroxine is pooling in your body making you toxic and feel worse


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