First set of bloods taken today since being on Liothyronine!

Just went had my first set of bloods taken since being put on Liothyronine 2 weeks ago. Had no major side effects apart from crying out bursts. 2 weeks ago I couldn't even put my shoes on my feet were that swollen couldn't even get off the sofa. My face looked unrecognisable to what it did 2 years ago. So I'm now T3 only at mo....have not been out house in 2 weeks as I couldn't even fit my shoes. Had to get to my blood test today even if I had to go bare footed. Anyways long story cut short put my boots on and bloody hell they slipped on. So am I losing weight. In 1 yr I went from 101kg which bout 16 stone to ballooning too 123kg which is a disgusting 19 stone. When I tried telling my doc I don't even eat the recommended 2000 calories a day for a woman she never listened. So I have been lugging weight around barely being able to lift my head to fighting to get to see a endocrinologist. He didn't really even need to look at my bloods to know I was unwell. He said I was not absorbing T4 at all. 2 weeks down line and weight is dropping off. Is this normal? I'm disgusted how people have judged me on my weight even the swelling to my face is going. I know I will never be cured but what I will say is if u feel you are not being believed fight to see a specialist. I'm surprised and so was my specialist surprised I was still alive and kicking. I have lost all faith in NHS just proves u have to nearly be dead to be listened too. It's only been 2 weeks it should be intreasting to see what I look like in 8 weeks when I see my specialist again. Think he may have saved my life !!!

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  • With hypothyroidism everything slows down, heart rate, and everything else, constipation. Weight gain (unexplained) or not on sufficient hormone replacement.

    On T3, which is the Active hormone required by all of our receptor cells raises our metabolism more quickly as it doesn't need to be converted (like levo).

    Swelling is a classic sign of hypothyroidism (undiagnosed or undertreated).

    I am glad yours is now reducing and you might reduce still further. I am glad you have seen a sympathetic Consultant and knew about the benefits of liothyronine. I'm glad you didn't go into a coma due to your swelling. Talk about ignorant docors!! (not your new consultant).

    A link just for information about T3 which might come in handy.

  • Ty think he got to me just in time . No thanks to the doctors who didn't or wasn't reading my blood results right. The consultant couldn't believe my results and that the doctor had not picked up on it. I had to fight to get this consultant. Thankfully they got to me in time. I know it's going to take a while to get my levels right but I don't think I could have got any worse without being in a coma. It's scary to think what could have happened. Makes u wonder where these doctors get trained. Not putting all docs down . Mine just kept rising my levels of levo with no effect I see consultant for less than 5 mins and he knew straight away what problem was. He wouldn't keep me on levo at all. I've read on here some people are on both . My consultant wouldn't even do that . He took me off T4 completely.

  • It's alarming that doctors are so badly trained these days. Before levo and the blood tests doctors learned by heart all of the clinical symptoms and patients were given NDT (that's all there was) and given sufficient until we were well again.

    Nowadays they think that they can 'tell us' how we are feeling because they only take account of the TSH which is a pituatary hormone in the first place.

    I am glad you have a knowledgeable Consultant and hope you recover reasonably quickly.

  • Me too I stamped my feet but my doc was a woman so I got round her I think she realised how bad I was. I shouldn't have had to get to that point. It's scary I never know anymore what this illness is going to throw at me anymore. Ty x

  • We learn slowly, particularly when things don't go as smoothly as we'd expect. I couldn't believe I felt much worse and had more symptoms than I had before I was diagnosed.

    I'm fine now.

    I hope you get to a happy point in the very near future. Sometimes it may only be the addition of a 1/4 that does the trick.

  • I hope so what make me happy is for this weight go back to way it was I know it's going to take time x

  • Razzar, water and mucin build up when undermedicated, or when meds aren't working, and that's why dieting and exercise make little difference. It is normal for water and mucin to reduce once optimally dosed but it's very quick to have had so much improvement in two weeks. Looks like T3 is going to suit you very well :)

  • Ty clutter I'm just thankful I couldn't even get my shoes on. My body must have needed it . This docs wouldn't believe me when I said my diet was fine. For some reason levo stopped working for me have no idea why at all . Before I moved from Gloucestershire to Wales I was 72 kg then went to 101 and then to 123 kg. I'm horrified. Last week I couldn't even move . I still feel ill but so much better than I was my face has lost all it fatness. So scary to think what could or how close I was to dying. I know that sounds dramatic but that's what it felt like. Ty guys for ur support this group is a god send xx

  • Razzar, it's going to take time to feel well but you've already seen how T3 is improving symptoms so hopefully onwards and upwards now.

  • I hope so and ty. People take their lives for granted. I certainly under estimated this illness . It's definitely not 1 to take lightly. It's so easy for people that don't have it. When u know u don't over eat etc. I tried the gym I knew nothing about T3 before joining this group so obviously u put ur trust in doctors to know that they have you on the right med's or to at least read ur results right. I just didn't understand why it felt like I was dying. I basically stamped my feet to see this endo. This group armed me with the right knowledge and amunition to front my doctor to demand I get seen by specialist. Can't ty guys enough x

  • Razzar, you're lucky with your endo. They're not all as good and some are positively dreadful.

    Too many doctors can't see beyond the numbers. My problem, like yours was Levothyroxine, which the endo said couldn't cause problems. I had to flounder around and self medicate before I was able to 'fix' myself. I'm now able to tolerate Levothyroxine with T3 but it took 3 months clearing a build up of T4 before I could.

  • I think it's a miracle you didn't go into a coma so you were caught just in time, I believe.

  • I know I couldn't hardly walk and swollen I even seemed to lose the urge to pee. Never felt so ill x

  • I just hope he don't take me of it when my levels are stabled . I don't know how it works. Will he keep me on it?? I read that the syptoms I was getting was a sign of body was going onto mydexma coma. Think I spelt that wrong. I just don't want him to take me back off it. Im sure that won't be the case. I actually thought I was dying !!

  • I don't think he will take you off it and it has been a life-saving hormone as you obviously cannot convert T4 to T3. Some people have a gene defect and cannot convert synthetic T4 to T3.

    You will have to fight your corner. Take a photo of yourself before/after being on T3.

  • That's a very good idea he gave me 8 weeks worth my bloods are a bit better but not there yet so encouraging and even with all the extra pound found out I'm not diabetic which he was worried about hopefully all these things are positive . X

  • This is info re the gene which can prevent T4 converting to T3. I don't think many know about this fault:

  • This is more info for you:-

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