Am I going insane ??

2 years ago I was in a bad car accident and sustained a bad brain injury resulting in being partially sighted and limited use of my left arm. Since then I have put on over a stone which will not budge no matter what I do. I get bizarre muscle hair has gone dry...I have dry patches o. My allergies and old allergies spiking.. And headaches. I've had my bloods taken and they are apparently normal. I'm having a short synacthen test tommorrow but think that will also show nothing. I know the weight gain is so unusual for me as always been able to lose. Could I have hypothyroidism even though not showing in my bloods ??help I feel I'm going mad !!xx

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Have you got your latest thyroid bloods please, including the ranges.

Head injuries can cause pituitary problems...

Info here:



Hi no I never thought to get them from my GP...I just assumed I could trust his opinion. Would anything likely show in the short synacthen test?? And how long do you know for results ??x

There is a member on this site who is called headinjuryhypo, and she has a website with loads of information - it would definitely be worth you having a good read :

I had a Short Synacthen test a week or so ago and my Endo's secretary phoned to say he wants to discuss the results with me. Seeing him on Friday!! From what I understand an abnormal SST will either be Addisons or a pituitary problem.

The 'normal range' for thyroid blood test results is so big that you could easily be hypothyroid and still have 'normal' blood test results. Hypothyroidism is not unusual following a head injury. People here are very helpful at interpreting the results. You really need TSH, FT4 and FT3 results (if your doctor tested them).

I will deffo try and get them if this test comes back normal. ...I hsve a horrid feeling it will !!

Hi Kalou1972, sorry to hear about your accident and resulting problems, be sure to ask for a copy of last 5 years, or even 10 years of all your blood test / other results. Ask receptionist or GP or both.

Thank you I will. I have a pretty good occupational therapists who has already insisted on a follow ip appointment even if tests normal x

To find out if hypothyroid, best to get tests of all blood test results over the last few years.

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