Good grief I'm so paranoid

Long time no see!

So I've been holed up in my broke, e-book writing madness ridden self. I felt like I was making progress up until today!

I began this insane sounding thing after finding out about candida etc. Basically you spend about 3 days each week eating nothing but potatoes with a little oil and salt, and the rest of the week the same but add in other foods that are not grains, refined sugar, cow's dairy (apart from butter) or legumes/beans/mushrooms.

I've also been taking apple cider vinegar, probiotics and the usual suspects, b vits, selenium, coconut oil, magnesium, zinc.

This was after I began to get fungal infections appearing although I am feeling a little better in many ways on this protocol (and got the first period since January!!) I feel like I'm still crashing somehow. I feel like I can't win! Some people are saying "starve the candida" some "it's useless if you're not in a mold free environment" some "it's the mercury" or "it's the fluoride" or "no carbs" or "all carbs" or "you're going to die" or...I'm soo lost now.

So today I noticed the tooth I had a mercury filling remoced from last year (don't have any now) seems to have a tiny bit left in it, covered up only visible when I shine a light, and I wonder if this is messing everything up or whether I should be no carbing or loaning money for a water filter or detoxing or freaking out about tiny bits of mold in the fridge or ceiling...I just can't afford to live at the moment, let alone avoid moldy cracks in the pavement as it were. I have tinnitus and headaches and tired and nauseaous and digestive discomfort and randomness but it's undoubtedly a little better since changing my diet to more carbs etc. Which is surely the wrong way round?! I am just so uncertain at the moment!

Anyway sorry for that rant...I think I just need some perspective. Thanks for wasting a little bit of your time reading this and TIA even more if anyone replies :) :)

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  • Superparrot,

    It's wonderful to hear from you again, although am sorry to hear of your on going problems.

    Candida attacks when the body's immune system is compromised but can be eradicated with the right diet and supplements.

    Everybody has a small amount of candida living within them and this is healthy but when the growth becomes prolific, it can cause various problems from thrush to fungal toe nail to skin rashes and even digestive problems.

    Some prefer a strong antibiotic (available on prescription) and although a "quick fix", this will also wipe out all good gut flora leaving you vulnerable to yet another candida attack.

    If you were to use a "quick fix method", might feel crap whilst experiencing "die off" known as the "Herxheimer Reaction" which should only last a few days.

    Dr Peatfield advocates a natural anti fungal such as Caprylate - Nutri Ltd or Eco balance by Bionutri.

    Supplements be include grapefruit seed extract, Hirohito, olive leaf extract, garlic and oil of oregano.

    A good diet would include CARBS, PROTEIN, FATS & VEG.... a normal healthy diet that ensure you are getting all nutrients to heal your body and it was strong enough to fight further infections. (Also carbs are VERY important for your poor adrenals). However, it is true you will to need to remove all sugars and some carbs....potatoes, rice legumes, and all fruit and fruit juice (as upon digestion they rapidly turn to sugar.) Also avoid cheese, peanuts (often contaminated with mold) and of course...mushrooms.

    Once diet is under control you can introduce some probiotics (acidophilus and bifidobactetia & otheres) to restore gut flora.

    Canestan ( fluconazole ) cream will give relief to skin rashes but get on it on free prescription as very expensive.

    I recently read somewhere??......that body rashes caused by fungal infections can be helped by adding Bicarbonate Of Soda in your bath. I don't know how much and have not tried it myself.......perhaps you can google it?

    Carry on with your "apple cider vinegar (excellent but ensure it has the "mother") and the usual suspects, b vits, selenium, coconut oil, magnesium, zinc."

    I guess the reemergence of your period it a positive sign that your body is recovering//healing and don't worry about mould everywhere. Obviously if there is a large patch...wipe it off with some bleach but DO NOT get paranoid about it as this will be destructive to your rational thinking patterns.

    I am so impressed you have dealt with all your mercury fillings and wish I had your courage. Please don't worry about a possible??...minuscule bit left...I have a whole mouthful!!

    Remember Superparrot....carbs are go!!


  • Stay away from sugar. Years ago my daughter was very ill with candida. I know she stopped all sugar. A week later she was well on the way to feeling better. I do hope this is so for you. Flower's advice is good.

  • Thanks Rosy Holly! Good to know it can have an effect that fast. Was it just added sugar she cut out or was it fruit etc as well? If you don't mind my asking.

  • Link for baking soda bath......


  • Thanks so much for your encouragement flower! That has definitely given me perspective and made everything clear :)

    You're awesome thank you!

    I am prone to overreacting, ha ha

  • Also have you had your genome sequenced? If you are a NONsecretor FUT2 gene this can be contributing.

  • Ooh interesting. How do you find that out?

  • There are numerous companies now that do genome sequencing - some in more detail than others. 23andme will do it for about $100 - you just spit into a tube and mail it back. There is a new company started by Illumina the sequencing technology company that is also looking to do direct to consumer sequencing.

  • Thanks I will check that out! :)

  • I read a post on a Facebook forum about drinking coconut water everyday. Although thinking about it, was that for worms....☺️😕😁 (pictures of both, trying to identify what was deposited in loo!)

  • Ha ha well maybe that's worth a try :) I have heard it's full of minerals so maybe that has something to do with it.

    So much fun to repopulate your toilet ;)

  • Make your own kefir and have several big spoonfuls three times a day. Good bacteria needs taking every day and kefir keeps growing as u feed it. Use goats milk if cows milk not allowed.

  • Thanks I might well try that :)

  • Dear Superparrot,

    I am just the same. I get more and more worried about my health the more I read and all the advice especially about food is so conflicting and paying out all the time to get well so expensive. May be we ought to try some mindfulness.

  • Yes it is so crazy out there isn't it! To think some people get to go through life without worrying. Still I can always count on everyone on this forum to make me feel better :)

    Mindfulness sounds like a great idea. I used to meditate everyday but I have let that slip lately. Maybe I'll take it up again. Wishing you best of health and happiness :)

  • I am working with a PharmD who left traditional pharmacy and is working to heal people's guts. Her name is Dr.Grace Lui. She works via Skype/phone consult using Genova and UBiome. You can find her at The Gut Instititute. She also has a podcast.

  • Sounds great, I will look at that. Thank goodness for sane people! :)

  • Hi superparrot,

    Sorry to hear of your distress here. It's not easy getting all these dietary concerns right. I have many myself. I only have a little window of time today but Oregano Oil capsules by Metabolics UK are amazing capsules that are vegan etc....and this will help over a period of time to remove unwanted fungal, viral. unwanted parasitical thingys from our systems. It can make you go to the loo as we first take it, however this is a necessary clearing. I now only take it a few times a week as there's always something out to get us !! Eat yer greens and also the Blood Type Diet has helped me Dr James D'AdAmo....check it out online and he has books. Do you know your blood type? I don't follow this diet to the letter but the more wholefoods we can eat the better and less processedas I'm sure you know. I always know when I've had a mad sugary few days and my body tells me .....the oregano oil capsules will help sort out any underlying fungal issues. We all eat too much yeast and sugar and we are all probably fermenting a bit at times-hence road rage !!! perhaps etc....anyway. Just be kind to yourself.....don't go too extreme on the cutting out of foods as you will probably rebel ....all the best. I see a very good Kiniesologist who has helped me with all of my dietary needs ......I go with what she helps me with.....we can have several issues going on at once. I have half a thyroid and Hashiomotos and am on T3 and T4 .....let me know if you need any help.... I dont do gluten or too much dairy as I am an 'O' blood type .....All the very best

    Mermaid Blues

  • I think I'm an O but I'm not sure... I avoid gluten and grains and dairy nowadays so I'm sure that's helping. Thanks for your recommendations, I will check all those out. Funny coz I have always loved eating oregano as a herb, perhaps my body trying to tell me something! I'm glad you've found what works for you and really appreciate your time and advice :)

  • Gosh, I really related to your post, superparrot. I am having all sorts of problems, and am pretty sure that they are connected with my diet. I am also going round in circles with it all.

    Every time I look at a recommended diet, there is something which conflicts with something else – and none of them seem to allow for my vegetarian diet.

    I’ve just googled Candida, something I know nothing about, and I tick all the boxes :(

  • Urgh yes! It seems to be the fashion nowadays to say vegetarians are sickly and unhealthy and wrong. I don't believe this is true, I think the statistics were right when they show vegetarians are healthier and live longer than non vegetarians! I don't really understand how eating mass produced meat is better for you than mass produced plants anyway, and at least we avoid the antibiotics...

    I have simply never digested protein and fat particularly well. I like to remind myself that I had a good fifteen years of my life where I was healthy and slim and ate what I wanted and didn't get crazy sugar cravings, so I know it is possible! I think our bodies tell us what we need if we just listen enough, and it will all come out right in the end whatever the carnivores say ;)

    And just to warn you there is acres of nonsense about candida out there...try not to take it too seriously. There is money being made after all ;)

  • I think being vegetarian is fine if you are able to maintain optimal B12 levels - deficiency is not much fun :-)

  • Well ... I have been a very healthy vegetarian for all my (very considerable) adult and teenage life. I made an effort to eat well because so many people told me how unhealthy a vegetarian diet was - it used to be considered so faddy, and is so much more acceptable now.

    I only had B12 problems after my Hashimoto diagnosis and major spinal surgery .. funny that ... !!!

  • ...probably the NO in the anaesthetic that completely destroys the B12 in the body.....

  • I take extra b12 just in case and it seems to work for me. It would be nice to get it all just from food but it's difficult to do that with anything these days because our food is so non fresh and depleted of nutrients by mass production.

  • I am "lucky" as I now have to have B12 injections. At least I don't have to fight "the system" for that any more. My (old) GP told me just to eat more Marmite - the quantity I would have needed to eat to bolster my deficiency would have killed me off I think.

  • Ha! What kind of advice is that?! I really wonder how these people get qualified sometimes. And 'fighting the system' is so true and such hard work!

  • I am sure my doctor will be impressed with any self-diagnosis I manage via the internet <not> :)

  • Well I think that's great! How nice to hear from a long term veggie :D glad people take you more seriously over it now - wish I could say the same for's still a fad in this part of the world apparently...

    Doctors need to get used to the idea that the internet is competing with them (very favourably!) ;)

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