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I am hypothyroid and I keep reading about the great benefits of coconut oil. I recall years ago reading the opposite. To avoid it and how bad it is for you and your heart. I don't understand why suddenly it's suppose to be so healthy. I bought a jar but I still can't open it. I keep thinking of all those articles I read years ago on why I shouldn't use coconut oil, especially if I have heart disease. I've never had a heart attack but I DO have high cholesterol. Now I read that coconut oil is good for high cholesterol. I have a problem trusting these reports. I think maybe the so-called "experts" all got together and said "Let's say it's good for people now because we're losing a lot of sales". Maybe I sound silly but that's how I think sometimes. Has anyone out there really benefited from coconut oil? And if you're hypothyroid like me, what has it done for you? Oh yeah, I just read a website where a doctor is saying don't believe all the benefits people are claiming. My head is spinning. I want to try the coconut oil I bought but I keep thinking it could be bad for me and also will clog up my arteries. Thanks very much for all who answer.

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  • Hi JillAnn, have you ever posted your thyroid results here? Your high cholesterol is likely to be associated to your thyroid condition.

    Mainstream medics see everything as black or white, no shades of grey. They're the same re thyroid results. And in their opinion all saturated fats are bad. Put coconut in the search facility of this site, and you're bound to find a lot.

  • Is it specifically coconut oil you are worried about? Or are you worried about fats and oils in general?

    Read this article by Dr Malcolm Kendrick - it isn't about coconut oil, it is more about low carb/high fat vs low fat/high carb diets, but it might reassure you :

    And then have a browse round some more of Dr Kendrick's articles. I think he's brilliant!

  • Me too - have just finished his latest book - Doctoring Data - a great read.....he confirms our worst fears about BIG Pharma :-)

  • I use coconut oil to cook all the time and I don't have any problem with my cholesterol or with my heart. It's brilliant for skin, for bad breath (swill your mouth in it for a minute or so and then all bad tastes have gone and mouth feels incredible!). I know these things can be faddish but I certainly don't think coconut oil can be anything other than beneficial. The good thing about it is that it doesn't change once heated, unlike olive oil which loses it's beneficial properties if it gets hot.

  • A few years ago, the news was all about saturated fat causing us to have heart attacks. The food industry then developed 'low' cholesterol products, i.e. yogurt, milk and anything else you can think of.

    The 'saturated fat' was from animals but coconut oil is from a coconut. If we are hypothyroid, a higher cholesterol was at one time a clinical symptom even if the TSH hadn't reached a 'magic' number and we were medicated. On medication our cholesterol lowered without statins or any other product.

    Now, it is being said that too low a fat content in food is 'bad'. No wonder there's confusion.

    This is a link which is self-explanatory which I think you will find helpful. As well as Dr McKendrick's books and no nonsense approach to 'fads' of the day.

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