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Blood results

For the first time today on being called back to the GP's I asked for a copy of my blood results. I am 10 weeks post total thyroidectomy and on and have today been told I am over medicated (currently on 200 Levothyroxine)......blood results are: T4 15.2 pmol/L......TSH is 0.02 mu/L. I've said I do not want to lower the dose as I am not prepared to go back to the way I was pre op when I could not function at all, and said I am seeing the surgeon in a weeks time and it was the consultant who put me on the 200 Levo. I am also waiting/expecting a diagnosis of fibromyalgia as I am still in so much pain in my joints.

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Sorry......I think I should have included the figures in the brackets.....

T4....15.2pmol/L. (9.0-22.0). TSH level. 0.02mu/L (0.35-5.00). Thanks.


You are in no way overmedicated

Levothyrocine often causes major joint pain and many patients after thytoidectomy can only get well on NDT because it contains T1T2T3T4 and calcitonin


Thank you so much........I said no to the reduction, this GP finally agreed to a referral to an endocrinologist, the GP,I saw a month ago would not refer me...saying you've got no thyroid now so you've got no problem......I could have screamed!!! This GP has agreed that because the surgeon put me on 200 Levo he will see what he says at the appointment in a weeks time. Advice and support is always best from those who understand.....thank you.


Mrsgee, you handled the GP well. >145mcg Levothyroxine is known to be a suppressive dose. Your TSH is low but your FT4 is only mid-range so you aren't overmedicated.

Research below explains that thyroidectomised patients have suboptimal FT3 levels on Levothyroxine and the addition of Liothyronine (T3) may be needed to normalise FT3. It may be worth discussing this with your surgeon and endo and show them the articles.


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