NDT when to take tablets

I wonder if anyone can help me with taking NDT (Nature thyroid) I take 2 grains between 7-8 am.

I have other tablets and vitamins that I need to take and I am struggling to fit then all in and leave 2 hours often taken my NDT

Can I take my thyroid meds before I got to bed? so as not to interfere with anything else

Thank you in advance

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  • Amanda, you can take NDT any time of day or night as long as you take it an hour before, or two hours after food and drink. 2 hours away from meds and supplements, and 4 hours away from iron, calcium, vitD and oestrogen.

  • Thank you clutter, shall I leave this morning dose, till tonigh. Or take my normal one this morning and take one tonight and carry on it the evening ?


  • Hi Amanda. You can take it at night. I only take some at night otherwise find the full dose keeps me awake due to the T3content.

    Am not aware of the need to keep it away from food and drink -believe that is a personal preference. My consultant DrSkinner certainly didn't believe there was any need for such caution.

    My morning dose is taken about 30 mins away from food. It is designed to be taken with water. Otherwise I don't worry too much (though they do say avoid coffee for 30min before) I do avoid taking it for 4hours after/before consuming iron or calcium supplements. Am not aware of any evidence that anything else interferes with its uptake unless a specific medication states it on the can.

  • I always take my NDT at night

  • Thank you Glynisrose

  • Hi,

    It seems to be pretty common for various 'remedies' to work for a while and then stop, I think our bodies just get used to them and, hey presto, back to square one. It's so very disappointing when that happens.

    Along with many other IBS-ers, the FODMAP programme allowed me to sort out my trigger foods and, providing I keep those out of my diet, I do pretty well. (Sometimes I slide off the wagon and always regret it for several days afterwards!)

    The app from Monash (where the diet was created) is available at med.monash.edu.au

    It costs around £6.

    Some people need a bit of help with the diet, especially on how to regulate the elimination and reintroduction phases properly, if you find that, all NHS dietitians are trained in it now and you should be able to get a referral to one from your GP.

    Hope this helps.


  • It was my understanding that you should divide the doses between morning and night, as the T3 element only lasts a few hours in the body.

  • That's the part I was worried about the T3, not much use to me asleep ? Unless it's stored for when you wake up

  • Hi. Yes, I see what you mean! I think it's just that dividing the dose means that levels stay steady through 24 hours instead of fluctuating. I've just been prescribed NDT and have been told to take it twice a day. Hippopotamus' suggestion of 4pm could work well. Given that there doesn't seem to be one definitive answer, it may be an idea to try dividing up, but have a rethink if it keeps you awake. It does seem to be a matter of personal preference rather than anything prescriptive. Good luck!

  • T3 is actually highest during the night when TSH is highest. I find some extra T3 helps me sleep when the body is healing overnight

  • Thanks Ruth - yes I am hoping the extra holiday eating has given my body a bit of a kickstart and will help a bit with the loss. Generally I manage about 2lb a week so it is a bit ambitious to get the 14 3/4lb off but not impossible - we will see. I do have a 10k charity walk to do by the end of September and at least one practice run (well walk) so hopefully that will help :)

  • I take one tab first thing when I wake up, and the second at 4:00 pm.

  • I pop a tab of nature throid under my tongue when the kids wake me up at 6 and then try to go back to sleep for a bit. When I wake up fully it's usually disappeared.

  • Hi I have to take 20 script drugs first thing so I leave 2 hours then take my N.T , blood tests have proved this is fine.


  • I take all my vitamins and other medications at night then my ndt in the morning,

  • Trouble is I have other meds that I have to talk 3 times a day

  • My biggest problem is metformin that I take for PCOS as tHryoid meds interfere with metformin

  • I take mine at night for the same reason. It's good to take at night.

  • I take mine at 10pm and 10am. This seems to give me enough energy and allows me plenty of time for other pills. Also, it's not nearly as important to have such a large window of time for taking other pills when you are using a NDT. Unlike synthetics, you can take most other pills within 1 hour of your NDT.

  • I take all my NDT at bedtime, works for me.

  • Hi There, I take NDT too. The only vitamins and minerals you shouldn't take with NDT are iron, magnesium/calcium. You are fine to take B vitamins Vit C in the morning at the same time as your NDT. If you take Vit D, take it with a meal that contains some fat as it is a fat soluble vitamin and this will aid absorption. Take magnesium at night before you go to bed as this will aid sleep. It might be better for you to split your dose as NDT contaisn T3 which is short-acting - better to take one grain in the morning and another early afternoon or after lunch. Hope this helps

  • I know it's an old post but I was thinking the exact same thing. However, when I looked for the 21 replies, they seemed to have vanished!

  • I can see them all!

    No idea why you cannot.

  • Just managed to see them. Was really weird as after I commented it then said 23 replies but just a big blank. Reckon its my laptop, but thanks for the reply and now I can see them will help as I got my bottle of NDT today and was a bit confused whether to take them at night or in the morning. It is so nice to see everyone's personal experience instead of just a link to Stop the Madness etc. which one tends to get elsewhere!

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